First Rockstar Moment of the Trip

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We can’t wait to find out about the Broncos and Tim Tebow. We go to the Lobby Bar with my iPad and find out, they WON! Yea! (And if I didn’t mention it before, or even if I did, it’s worth mentioning again), Tebow brought them to an amazing win this past Sunday in typical Tebow fashion – sudden death overtime).

I order a Kir Royale because Whiskeykat (from our first evening) asked me to have one for her. I always try to keep my drink commitments.

So, there we were, hanging out on one of the sofas, drinking and surfing the internet. Steve (of “Steve and Stacy and Katie and Gene”) walks by and stops and says hi. “There is a couple over here who would just love to meet you. Apparently you have some kind of website that they read.” I started laughing. These moments just tickle me to death.

We went over and I introduced myself. They were Caradon and Sharifa from Lansing, Michigan. Sharifa said, “I think my husband has a crush on you because he is reading your blog all the time.” They were so cute. I think this was there delayed honeymoon.

He was drinking a regular mojito. He said he’d asked for a cucumber mojito but they didn’t have any cucumbers. They don’t regularly stock cucumbers at the bars. This is one area where Excellence has an edge over the Grand. They had cucumbers at their Lobby Bar. Anyway, if you ask Daniel at the Pool Bar, he will get them and make it for you, but he needs time to get them. He says some people get grumpy about that. So, if you read my blog, be nice, be patient, ask nice and it will all be good.

After enjoying my Rock Star moment, we head off to Toni’s for dinner. We ask for Reneé again. We also ask the hostess, Alejandra, for a picture. We see her at lunch usually, as well as at dinner. She is lovely and always smiling. Plus, she’s good for some gossip about the staff.


Shortly after we are seated, Reneé greets us and takes a picture for us.

Then he takes us on a tour of the wine room. He tells us the included wines are good and he tells us which of them to avoid. We pick a bottle of Casillero del Diablo Carmenere. It was lovely.

It is pictured here with my Ceasar Salad, which I had for my first course. Zung had the Lobster Soup again.

Reneé took us on the food tour again. He tells us the lobster’s name is Nicole. Okay. Definitely not getting the lobster. Who can eat something that has a name? I get the Tuna.


Zung gets the Arrachera.

It didn’t make a pretty picture but he said it was tasty. The Tuna was good as well, though it could have been a bit more rare.

We ask Reneé if we can take his picture. We go into the wine room.

The manager, Alejandro brings Nicole in for the pictures. This guy is a riot!



I can’t wait to see Reneé and Alejandro in two weeks when I am there.

Zung and I go to the Lobby Bar for dessert. It is Humberto’s last day working for this vacation and I must have another one or two of his fabulous Chocolate Martinis.


I can’t wait to see Humberto again! I’ve sent word to him and Daniel that I’m coming. Daniel just says, “I better stock up on cucumbers.”


We asked Humberto what he knew about Iberostate, which are the homes and condos that Iberostar is building across the highway. They have a display set up about it but nobody has tried to talk to us about it. We will find out more the day we leave.

Humberto tells us there is good value in Puerto Morelos. He is very enthusiastic about it. It sounds like he would love to buy a home there.

Eduardo stops by and tries to convince us to go to the show. Uhhh, this is one of those, “She’s had a few” pictures.


Zung is always careful to drink in moderation. He’s the designated walker.

It was a fun day. We have one more full day of vacation. Got to make the most of it.


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  1. I love your blog!!!

  2. Everyone in Arizona is rooting for Tebow!

  3. Thanks for this amazing blog. We’ve been looking around for an AI resort for a while waiting for one of them to rise above and “pop out” at us. The fantastic information you post here helped a ton and we’ve booked our first AI experience – a week in April @ the Grand. Can’t wait!

  4. It was awesome meeting you and thanks again for your blog because without it we would have chosen the wrong trip!

    1. Hi! So glad I could help. I hope the weather was okay for you. I was worried about the Hurricane after we left. It was great meeting you two.

      1. We were worried too. Thought our flight was going to be cancelled but it wasn’t! For anyone thinking of taking this trip upgrade to a Villa you will NOT be disappointed.

  5. Designated walker! I love it and so does my husband because he is one too! So glad you are now getting upgraded to OF. You deserve it, you have been an incredible good will ambassador for the Grand. I know that if it hadn’t have been for comments from you several years ago, we would never have given the Grand a second chance. And we are so glad we did!

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