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We wake up to another beautiful day in paradise. This could get repetitive, but that can only be a good thing. I can’t believe how lucky we are with the weather. We actually caught a week of awesome weather in between the previous week of rain, rain, rain and the week after we left when Hurricane Rina was leaving her mark. The weather gods looked on us favorably and we were grateful.

As the week went on, I took less and less notes. Since we did not vary our morning routine, I know we went to breakfast. Zung got an omelet. There was one morning that we asked for Martin, and we saw him, but he was not our waiter. I later heard he was being punished because he had not shown up to work the day before and he was mostly being kept in the back. Too bad. He had lots of energy and was enthusiastic. Sometimes though, you have to wonder where all that energy comes from.

After the first day of yoga, I got over my wanting to exercise. It just couldn’t compete with the beauty of the ocean.

We went to the Lobby Bar so I could use the WiFi. Most mornings we saw Steve and Stacy at the bar having Mimosas. I had one or two Mimosas most mornings too.

Zung took lots of ocean pictures today. I never get tired of looking at them.

Once, on one of the Playa forums, someone was giving me a lot of grief because I generally don’t venture far from the “compound.” They said I might as well go to Florida. Why did I bother going to Mexico if I wasn’t going to go enjoy the things they enjoyed.

I look at these pictures and think, dude, you’re missing the point. I go to Mexico to become one with the ocean. And I succeed.

This next one is my favorite. All those different shades of blue.

It was Sunday, and Daniel was off. No cucumber Mo’s for me today.

We went to Las Brisa for lunch. Zung got his usual Victoria beer and I asked for a Cranberry Vodka and club soda and was brought a cranberry juice and club soda and there may have been some vodka in there.

It was NOT as good as the Cranberry Vodka and club soda that Humberto had made for me. But it’s okay. I’m gonna have lots more drinks of all kinds of variety.

Zung had his shrimps (shudder). I love shrimp, but not enough to take off their antennae before I eat them.

I ordered a Kobe cheeseburger. The first year we came to the Grand, these were awesome. They’ve never been that good again and I question whether they are really made from Kobe beef.

It was an okay burger. BUT the fries were cold. I did something I rarely do. I told the waiter I was not happy with them. I wanted HOT fries. When the fries are hot and fresh, they are the best ever. When they are cold, not so much. He brings a big plate of hot, fresh fries.


This Sunday was an important Sunday. There was a big football game happening back in Denver. Tim Tebow would be starting for the first time. If you pay attention to football, you know he just helped win his first playoff game against the Steelers, who are the defending AFC champs. This boy is humble, hardworking and grateful for every win. Fans in Denver had been campaigning (seriously, they bought a billboard ad trying to convince Coach Fox to start him) for him to start. Today was the day. Zung wanted to watch and had planned to head over to the Lobby to see if they were showing the game. He ran into Starfriend Eduardo. Eduardo called the Lobby (one of the bars has a TV) and found that there was already a “not the Broncos” game on.

Zung rejoins me on the beach.

It is such hard work. I have to take a nap.

It is the usual routine on the beach. Reading, drinks, naps.

We head back to our room. We run into Alberto. As always, he asks how we are, is there anything we need?

We get to the room and almost don’t notice…they have drawn us a bubble bath. I noticed because they put the balloons on the floor and I thought, why did they take the balloons out of the tub? And then I notice the bubble bath.

Well, you know how this story ends. Masses of bubbles and laughter…

My first rock star moment of the trip was coming up.


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