Room Service, Massages and a Wedding

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We decided to go back to our room and order room service for lunch. There is an awesome shrimp and avocado salad on the menu. We ordered a couple of those and some chips with sauce (salsa). They said it would take 45 minutes. It usually takes about 30 minutes. We made rum and cokes and watched some videos on the computer and waited. It took close to an hour and we were famished by the time it arrived.

Room Service Lunch

It was as yummy as we remembered.

Before we headed back out to the beach, Emilio came by to stock our mini-bar. He asked if we wanted another bottle of the Havana Siete. We were still good, but, more Havana Siete? I love this guy!

Back on the beach they were setting up for a wedding all day long. It looked like a decent sized one.

When we made our daily visit to Daniel at the pool bar he said he’d been there until 7 the night before with the wedding party, pouring shots. Apparently they didn’t want any alcohol today before the wedding.

Steve and Stacy, Katie and Gene were at the pool bar and today Stacy and Katie tried the cucumber mojito. They liked it. Stacy told me she had a ring exactly like mine.

Back to our chairs on the beach. Watch them continuing to set up for the wedding. It was windy. That’s one of the things that is a bit of a crap shoot with beach weddings. It was definitely windier than I would have wanted for a wedding.

At four we had our couples massage. It was divine. It was even better using the gift certificate they had given us. We had originally booked an hour, but the certificate was for half an hour, and Zung isn’t really into massages, so that suited him just fine. I can do an hour and a half, no problem. But compromise is what helps a marriage last 32 years and counting.

We stayed out to watch the wedding. I tried to pick photos that don’t show anyones faces too clearly. I like this photo because of the way the wind is blowing her dress, it looks so pretty. It also shows the chica on the beach in a bikini. Such it is when you do a beach wedding.

It was a pretty quick ceremony.

It’s a gorgeous dress, but I always think a lighter dress is more appropriate for a beach wedding. But, it was her wedding. She can have the big poufy dress and the beach if she wants to. The rule for weddings is the bride rules.

The wedding reception was at Las Brisa.

Zung and I went back to the room to get ready for dinner, which was at L’Atelier, the gourmet restaurant.

It would be an interesting evening.


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  1. There was one heck of a reception at Las Brisas when we were there! If you’re facing building 71, our room was on the second floor corner, right next to it. I swear, it looked like lasers were shooting out of the dome at the top. You could hear the bass from all over the resort, but once we got in our room, we didn’t hear a sound. LOVE those 3′ thick concrete walls, lol!

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