A Walkabout and Mimosa’s on the Beach

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Peek outside.

It was….

wait for it…

another freakin’ gorgeous day in paradise!


Can I wake up to this every day? Please?

We did not stray from our routine of breakfast at Bella Vista…

…followed by a trip to the Lobby Bar to check email, play Words With Friends, post to the Trip Advisor forum. I skipped any Mimosa’s because we were going to do those on the beach.

We went to our same spot on the beach. We were in Building 71, so we would park ourselves in front of it, down near the massage hut, nearest to the jungle next door. It was quiet there.

However, today, Zung wouldn’t let me park. He said we needed to go for a walk first thing or we never would. Which is true. I always want to take a walk…tomorrow.

Off we went, water and hat in hand, towards Maroma beach.



Right next to the Grand is a seemingly abandoned mid-construction resort called Capella.

We saw them working on this a couple of years ago. It looks like they left in a hurry.

They didn’t even take the ladder down. And note the glass.

Dry wall up.

Cappella is a chain and if you look on cappella.com it says this resort is going to open in 2013. The website on the billboard, capellamaroma.com, is no longer an active site. It was priced pretty high and it was right when the global economy tanked, so I guess the investors said. “Maybe not” or “maybe not NOW”.  It will be interesting to see if they do finish it. It’s a prime spot on the coast.

We walked for a while.

Zung almost got sucked up in some quicksand.

Fortunately, he was able to get out and we returned safely to our chairs at the Grand.

Where we planned on putting in some serious Mimosa miles.

I went to our room to get the champagne and some o.j. from the mini-bar. I took the ice bucket to get some ice and Emilio, the ever-present and enthusiastic mini-bar stocker, saw me and took the bucket away and said he would get it. He had quickly worked his way to one of my favorites. Such enthusiasm and a great smile every day! I took the bucket and headed out to the beach. I didn’t get far before Reyes, our beach waiter, saw me. He took the bucket from me and insisted on carrying it out to our chairs. I could get used to this pampering.

There had been no o.j. in the mini bar, so I brought mango juice. Hey, I’m not picky. Just about any juice goes with champagne.

This was definitely a, “does it get any better than this?” moment.

Not often, it doesn’t.

Notice the big sapphire rock on my finger? My mother in law gave me that when we got engaged. It’s surrounded by diamonds and a beautiful ring. I usually don’t wear it to the beach. Hell, I usually don’t wear it except out to dinner. But, I kept forgetting I had it on. I remember at one point I said to Zung, “I’m going to start wearing this ring all the time.” However, once I got home, to Boulder, the dressed down capital of the world, where women find it perfectly acceptable to wear Teva’s with wool socks out to a nice restaurant, I came to my senses, and back to my jewelry box it went.

We did a fairly good job on the bottle of champagne and I was pretty well toasted by lunch. Remember, my vacation motto is, “Who the hell cares where it’s 5 o’clock?”


Fortunately, I didn’t have much to do today.

Yes, it was another awesome day in paradise.

And there was so much more awesomeness to come.

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5 Responses to A Walkabout and Mimosa’s on the Beach

  1. jill says:

    yummy mimosa’s and yep, who cares where it is 5’oclock??!! Never did understand that one 🙂 You both look great … vacation agrees with you!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Your pictures just made my heart ache! Last year we stayed at Secrets Maroma and I walked or jogged past those condos every day! That stretch of the beach is so beautiful. Next time you should walk further and check out the abandoned mansion just past Secrets Maroma. Very cool.

  3. NiceNewYorker says:

    I love your pictures:) You guys should be in the next Iberostar Grand ad campaign! I really miss the beach, especially this time of year. Can’t wait to see more!!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Based off of what the manager at the Grand told us, the Capella has run into issues due it being built on protected land – so it may be a ‘no go not ever’.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Hit enter too soon… when we walked through there, we saw it being guarded by no less than two men. It was creepy.

  6. Paul says:

    You have a great blog here. I stayed at the Catalonia Maroma beach with my wife and kids last year. I took a walk past that abandoned place and also wondered what that nice looking yellow resort was just passed it. I sure miss Maroma beach and Playa Del Carmen.

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