Another awesome waiter and another awesome surprise

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We were running late for our dinner reservations. We got back to the Grand and wanted a golf cart ride back to our room. Unfortunately, there was no one available to drive us. It would only be a few minutes they said, but we didn’t want to be any later than we already were for dinner. We’ve never shown up late for our dinner reservations, so we didn’t know what would happen. We figured if they turned us away we could check out the Italian buffet in Bella Vista.  And there was always room service.

We hoofed it back to our room, quickly changed clothes and then hoofed it to Toni’s Surf and Turf. I would say this is probably most people’s favorite restaurant. It seems my favorite has changed from visit to visit, but Toni’s has claimed that top spot for many trips.

We showed up a full half hour late for our 6:30 reservations. The hostess did not bat an eye. She showed us to our table, which had been decorated with rose petals.

René was our waiter. He was awesome. He took us to the back of the restaurant where the entrees are on ice and gave us a tour of the different selections. There was a whole live lobster, which kind of grossed me out a little because it was blowing bubbles.

The sommelier came by. He must be a new addition because I had never seen him or any other sommelier during our other trips here. He wished me a Happy Birthday and started pointing out the “pay-extra” wines. We told him we would look over the wine menu and let him know if we needed any assistance. He’s really there to sell the wines that are not included. The included wines are quite decent and we have never felt the need to drop any cash on the “pay-extra” wines. That is one of the things I really like about the Grand. You not only get decent wines, you get a very good variety of decent wines.


These are the “pay-extra” wines.


We love good wine, but we are not wine snobs. Frankly, I don’t think we know enough to be wine snobs. So we are quite content with the included wines. The Antonio Banderas Tempranillo is a favorite. This evening we decided on the Agreste Sangiovese Merlot. It was very yummy. That’s a wine term, you know.

For apps, I had the Seafood Selection, which is a plate of cold shellfish and shells. It was the first time I had ever ordered it and I will definitely order it again. I had eaten the lobster before I took the picture.

Zung had the soup. For entrees, he had the Surf and Turf and I had the Rib Eye. I had read a review where someone complained the steaks were thin. In the past I have stuck with the filet and aracherra, and neither were thin. The Rib Eye was pretty thin, but perfectly cooked and delicious and more than enough for me.

I had the caesar salad as well. They brought a lime sherbet in between the apps and the entrees.

René saw our camera and offered to take some pictures for us.


Of course, the lovely Olivia was there (I think this photo is making an encore appearance.

After two lunches, many, many drinks, wine and dinner, we were stuffed and passed on dessert.

Our excursion into Playa del Carmen had kicked our butts and we were whipped, so after dinner we just went back to the room and read. After awhile we decided a glass of Havana Siete on the balcony would be a nice way to end the evening. I walked over to open the curtains and door when I discovered a chilled bottle of champagne and a plate with chocolate covered strawberries and a chocolate sculpture that reminded me of a blooming onion. There was a note mentioning our nine visits. Well, it was only seven, but I wasn’t going to spilt hairs with them. It was a lovely acknowledgment of our being repeat customers.

We had already poured the Havana, so we decided to save the champagne for tomorrow and make Mimosas with it on the beach.

We did however enjoy the chocolate with the rum out on the balcony.

It was an awesome way to end another awesome day of vacation.


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  1. The sommelier is definitely a new “feature” I didn’t care for since his purpose does seem to be to upsale the wines rather than try and help select one to complement your meal. As an aside he used to be the captain at the French at the Maya and was surprised that I remembered him from there. He’s a nice guy and I did see him performing other duties during my trip it’s just a little annoying to have them try and upsale the wines like that.

    Enjoy your next trip, I’ve got til December before I can get back – unless my “win the lottery” retirement plan pays off.

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