Preparing to go into Playa

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We wake up to another beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, spectacular day in paradise. Zung takes a fabulous series of Zungrise pictures.

The sun is shining and it looks like diamonds on the ocean. We have a lovely view from our room.

We had established a routine and we stuck to it. We went to Bella Vista for breakfast. We asked for Martin.

I ordered the Lobster Blini this morning. It usually comes with three, but I asked for only two (I hate to waste food and this dish is rich). It was the perfect amount. But two doesn’t look as good as three.

There is something about lobster for breakfast that is really decadent.

After breakfast we headed off to the lobby. There was a Mimosa to be ordered and drank, there was email to be checked, there was Words With Friends to be played and forums to be checked. I had started a “Live from” post on Trip Advisor. But I wasn’t a very good poster. Only once a day or so. Some people post every couple of hours.

To which I say, go order a couple of drinks, drink them very quickly and you will forget about all that internet BS and just get your vacation groove on!

There was some very cool carved wood art in the Lobby Atrium.

We head back to our room.

There is a coati on the walk. So cute.

We admire the cute coati and then continue back to our room. However, once we arrived, our room key didn’t work. I hate it when that happens. We let the concierge know about the key and head out to the beach.

I appear to have had a Havana and coke. Which must had inspired me to point out our room.

We did our usual reading, gazing at the water, Zung telling me to come in from the sun before I burn. Since I burned when we were at Excellence in July, I listen to him.

When it is time (when isn’t it time?), we go to the pool bar to visit Daniel and get cucumber mojitos. I tell him today that it is pretty much the only veggies I am getting, so it is essential to a balanced diet.

As I sit there drinking MY cucumber mojito, I see him making another one. “Who’s that for?” I ask (slightly indignant that he is making MY drink for someone else). He tells me that someone else saw him making mine and wanted to try it.

I should get royalties or something.

We go in to Las Brisas for a light lunch. Well, sort of light. Well, not really. It was a regular lunch. We were meeting a friend for lunch in Playa in a couple of hours, so there must have been some intention to keep it light.

Zung got lobster.

There are only a few bites, so he ordered the gross shrimps again as well.

Whatever I had with my french fries, I appeared to have liked.

There was a plethora of Martins today. Martin was the supervisor (serious dude) and our waiter (who acts like he may be on crack cocaine, the way he flits around). Olivia was there as well. With the exception of her day off, I don’t think there was a single meal that we did not see her at.

After lunch we made our way out to the beach and stopped and checked out this curious sign.

Hmmm. What exactly is a turtle camp? We didn’t see any turtles or turtle nests around.

The other side of the sign gave more info.

But we never quite solved the mystery.

So we went to the beach to soak up a few more rays before we had to go back to our room and get ready for our foray into Playa. We planned to take the shuttle, which left at 2 pm.

We planned to meet Steve (aka Snappysammy) for a late (or second) lunch at Carboncita’s and our friends, Margaret and Gordon for drinks at Fusion.

I met Steve online via the Playa Info site. He took me to the grocery store, Mega, when I was in Playa in January. I had always wanted to go to a Mexican grocery store. He also took me to Zenzi for lunch.

We met Margaret and Gordon about 5 years ago when we were all staying at the Riu Palace Mexico. Mags and I have stayed in touch via email. This was the first time we managed to be in Playa at the same time. They were staying at Barcelo.

We got showered and dressed and headed out to get a golf cart ride to the lobby. We decided to just take a taxi so we wouldn’t have to worry about how far the shuttle dropped us off from Carboncita’s.

Victor, the butler (he’s awesome) took us and said, “You know the shuttle is leaving in 2 minutes.” I explained why we wanted to take a taxi and he said, “Excellent plan.”

A taxi is about $20-25. The shuttle is $4-5 per person, per way. I’d say the money for the taxi was money well spent.

We don’t leave the compound often, so I was excited to be hitting two Playa hot spots in one outing.


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