Next trip booked and another lovely evening at the Grand

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It is December. Which means next month is January. Which means, time for my annual BFF girlfriend’s trip with Karen! On Black Friday, Frontier Airlines was having a sale, so I booked my air for the last weekend in January. I contacted my awesome travel agent, Tami Pruitt with Trip Surfer vacations, and she said, move on it girlie, most vendors are sold out. I didn’t need to be told twice. We moved on it and are booked for January 26-30. Someone has already told Daniel I am coming.Upon hearing this, he reportedly rolled his eyes and said,  “I better stock up on cucumbers.”

Do I make a lasting impression, or what?

As of today, I have 50 sleeps to go!

While I will admit to being spoiled, lucky, whatever, after this trip I am not sure when we will be back. So, I’m not completely spoiled. Or, I’m not admitting it if I am.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled trip report:

Tonight’s reservations at the Japanese again. We decide to sit at a regular table. There is a group of very rowdy people at the Hibachi table, dressed in sloppy t-shirts. There is much written and discussed about the dress code at the Grand and enforcement, or lack thereof, of it. My philosophy is, enforce the dress code or don’t have it. I personally like a dress code because I don’t want to feel like I’m eating at a college bar. If you don’t like a dress code, go somewhere else. No whining about it (and while we are on the subject of whining, what’s with all the whining about reservations? If you want to eat at a nice place back home, don’t you usually have to make reservations? There are a few places around here that don’t take reservations and I tend not to go to them because I’d rather plan, show up and be seated than show up and have to wait an hour, and if it’s a good place, that’s what you are usually looking at. At any rate, there are plenty of places that don’t require reservations. Like Excellence. Enough said.)

We are brought the wine list. I take some pictures of it because they have changed it a bit since I was here last. Still many included options and we enjoy every bottle we get the whole week.

Olivia comes by to say hello and ask if everything is okay. She is smiling and cheerful as always.

Zung gets the Lobster Curry Stew and I get the Grilled Lemon Beef Filet and Oyster Sauce. It is divine. The food is cooked really well and it is all delicious. One of our best meals this trip.

Like the rest of the Grand, the Japanese restaurant has really amazing art.


We walked to the Lobby and some people offered to take our picture as we neared the Great Hall. Isn’t it pretty?

We offered to take their picture but they declined, saying they weren’t a couple. I thought that was odd, like you can’t have your picture taken together if you’re not a “couple”? Maybe they were there on an illicit getaway and really were a “couple”, but are not supposed to be and they didn’t want any photographical record of it.


We walked through the Great Hall and made a right, which took us right past the jewelry store. Imagine that! What a coincidence! And jewelry store dude was there! I finally found out his name. He is Abraham. I, however, will always think of him as “jewelry store dude.”

We went in and he looks at us and says, “I remember you! (to Zung) You work at a University. You have  Rolex (crap! no deals for us). (to me) You are a nurse.”

…and…wait for it…”You’re daughter is beautiful!”

Yes. Yes, she is. And they all remember that, because she is unforgettable.

I tell him I am thinking about buying sapphire earrings to go with a sapphire necklace. He suggests I bring the necklace by to match it. That’s one of the things I love about him. He never tries to rush me into a purchase. He knows I’m a repeat customer, so he wants it to be right.

The necklace I want to match is actually the very first piece of jewelry I bought in Mexico on our very first trip. It is beautiful and when I go into the higher end jewelry stores in Mexico, the jewelers always comment on it, so I feel pretty confident it’s a fairly quality piece. I got it on Avenidos Quintas.

I also have a sapphire and white topaz bracelet that I wear with the necklace. I got that the second time I came to Mexico, at a shop in Playacar Plaza. I love that bracelet. I lost it for a while this year. I couldn’t find it anywhere, for months. Then one day I went to put on a pair of shoes I hadn’t worn in a while and it was inside one of the shoes! I must have taken it off one day before a workout and thrown it into the bag and it landed in the shoe. I was so happy when I found it. Now, all I needed to complete the ensemble is a pair of earrings.

We go to the Lobby Bar, where Humberto is tending bar tonight. He is just as good a bartender as he was a beach waiter. Although, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss Daniel at the Lobby Bar.

I had always wanted to try a chocolate martini, so that is what I ordered. Humberto said he had a special recipe. It was delicious and became my new favorite after dinner drink. Yummy. Good amount of alcohol and not too sweet. I’ve had a couple since being back home and they are not as good as his (even at my favorite restaurant, Frasca Food and Wine). I look forward to being able to enjoy more next month.

Tonight was the night we met Duffy. He was a married father of two, traveling alone. He said he and his wife “did that.” (He also mentioned they were having some issues and were “working on things” and I wanted to say, ‘try vacationing together to a romantic place like the Grand”). It was his third time there. He could not get over the fact that we were holding hands and had been married 32 years.

Again, my advice is to try traveling with your wife.

Enough said.

Zung and I went back to our room. They had put all the balloons in the bath tub.


We poured a couple of glasses of Havana Siete.

We went out on the balcony and drank them to the sound of the ocean.

Is there any more perfect end to a day on vacation in Mexico?


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  1. Great last picture!! Enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Love, love, love!

    1. I know you love the grand and never leave the resort but girl there is so much out there in beautiful Mexico….can I please suggest…get on a colitivo and travel to the beach clubs of Tulum you will not regret it they are amazing!!!!!…..especially el paraiso or ziggy beach…..beautiful beautiful…..ziggy beach has 2 for 1 drinks all day and the most beautiul beach you have ever seen!!!!!!

  3. It’s not true that I NEVER leave the resort. Last year we went on an excursion and this year we went to Playa for lunch and drinks with friends. I have always wanted to go to Tulum. The year my husband had the heart attack I had a van booked to take us all there. But of course those plans changed. I do hope to go there sometime. I have heard it is beautiful and the pictures I’ve seen confirm that.

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