Best Birthday Ever

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We’d had many reunions today. However, we still needed to see Ahleli, the Lobby Bar waitress. We had known her the longest. We first met her back in 2007 at the Lindo Lobby Bar. We were thrilled when she moved over to the Grand.

We chatted at the bar with a lady who was traveling solo that day. She was a travel agent and she was meeting her husband at El Dorado Suites for some travel agent thing, but had come early to check out the Grand. I can’t remember her name, but she was nice, and what a great job.

There is a three-piece band (or maybe it is a two piece band) that plays most nights in the Lobby Bar. Someone tells them it is my birthday (I think it is Eduardo) and they play Happy Birthday for me. There is a cartoonist there, doing, what else, cartoons and Eduardo tells him to come over and do ours. I’ve heard about this guy and I say no, but he comes over anyway.

We tipped him, but I can’t say I love the cartoon.

It was almost ten o’clock. Yea! We had stayed up long enough to go to the show. Off to the theatre we went. I ordered a cranberry vodka and club soda and she brought vodka and cranberry juice. It was all good. I was pretty well toasted anyway.

The show was the Big Band show. The shows at the Grand are very high quality. They bring in singers and dancers specifically to do the shows. There is one dancer, Alvaro, who always wants to see my shoes. He is such a good dancer. He could easily go to Vegas.

After the show we are so tired.

We want to get a ride to our room but there is no bell boy out front so we walk.

When we get to our room there are rose petals on the floor and bed and a beautiful towel sculpture. There were bubbles and petals in the bath, but no water. I think they had drawn us another bath and the water had run out. That was kind of funny, but okay, because we were too tired to do another bath.

There was a bottle of birthday champagne on ice. I was apparently not too tired to drink some more. Zung and I “discussed” opening it. He thought we should save it for tomorrow. I said, “It’s my birthday and I want to drink it tonight!”

And since it was my birthday, that is what I did.

That cork was no match for me!

Zung didn’t want me to drink alone, because that apparently means you drink too much. So he had a glass too. And I had two.

The day had come to an end. And it was



Who knew?


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  1. I wonder if you met “Caviargirl”.

  2. Nope. She’s only been there the once, several years ago and we were not there at the same time.

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