A Grand Birthday

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I lay there dozing off my drinking. I became aware of someone talking to Zung and it pulled me from dozing to being awake. It had been one of the butlers. The very, very hot butler, with the deep voice.

He told Zung they had decorated the room with balloons and put a certificate for a couples massage in there and drawn a jacuzzi.


We go and check it out. It was awesome.

Balloons all over the bed, with previously mentioned certificate for a 1/2 hour couples massage.

A nice warm jacuzzi with bubbles and towels and neck rolls at the ready.

I looks so romantic, doesn’t it? Turn on that jacuzzi and within minutes it is like a bubble bomb went off.

I’m drinking a Havana and coke. Because, well, it had probably been an hour since I’d had an adult beverage.

We had our fun in the jacuzzi, giggling hysterically over trying to get out without looking like a bubble Michelin man.

It was about 5 o’clock and time for another cucumber mojito. I had also heard that at 5 o’clock they have cake by the pool. Off we went, in search of cuke mo’s and cake. Now that’s a birthday celebration.

We found Eder along the way.

We sat down at the bar and who should be there, but Steve, Stacy, Katie and Gene! In the exact same spots they had been about 5 hours earlier. They claimed they had left and come back, but, well, that was their story and they were sticking to it.

Daniel make me my special drink and Zung got me cake.

Cuke mo and cake in hand, we headed off to the spa. Once there, Zung got an apple and carrot smoothie from the health bar that is in there. Blech. But it’s his vacation, he can drink that healthy stuff if he wants. Me, I knew I wasn’t going to get my usual daily serving of fruits and veggies, so my cuke mo was more or less health food.

And cake, well it’s a complete food. Especially chocolate cake. Think about it. You have flour and eggs, and chocolate is made from cocoa beans and beans are a vegetable and an important source of protein. Chocolate cake. Complete food. This cake didn’t have chocolate so I needed to drink the cuke mo to make it a complete meal.

And it’s my birthday and you’re supposed to eat cake on your birthday. I had all my bases covered with this afternoon snack.

When I was done consuming the four food groups, I hit the pool.

One jacuzzi was cold and one was warm. Can you guess which one I sat in?

We wandered back to our room. The pool bar was super crowded. Poor Daniel. His last hour of work must have been a busy one.

We got ready for dinner. There were two choices for dinner this night. There was the International Buffet and the Japanese restaurant. I had not been blown away by the International Buffet last year, but several people since had raved about it. We had eaten at the Japanese the night before, so we decided to give the buffet a go.

When the weather is nice they have tables set up outside and entertainment. But the weather had not been nice enough, so it was in Bella Vista. It was…a buffet. I guess I’ve done too many Vegas buffets to be impressed by any buffet. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t the best meal ever (as someone described it in their review).

But let’s face it, I’m a food snob. I live near the best restaurant in Colorado. Frasca Food and Wine. Frasca can hang with the best of them in the country. It takes a lot to impress me food wise. It’s all Frasca’s fault.

When we arrived at Bella Vista, we were greeted with a Bellini as a welcome drink. We were seated and ordered a bottle of the Antonio Banderas Tempranillo. We headed to the buffet and Olivia greeted us and gave us a tour of the food. There were stations set up representing the different restaurants and there were lots of chefs manning the stations. They were grilling fish, shrimp and lobster. The chef (I think his name was Thomas) there was meticulous about the food he was plating. He didn’t just plop it on your plate. He made it pretty, placing it just so. He looked so intense.

I got some grilled lobster and ceviche. I didn’t take notes, so I can’t remember what else we got. Zung thought it was great. I thought it was okay.

When we had discussed where to eat for my birthday he had said, “You don’t want to eat at the buffet for your birthday, do you?” I thought about it and realized, I’ve had 51 birthdays. I was getting to spend a week in Mexico at my very favorite place on earth with the love of my life. It didn’t really matter where I ate on this particular night.

We saw Eduardo, the waiter from the Italian restaurant. He’s so sweet. We told him we had reservations at the Italian on Monday night.

With dinner done, we had more reunions. We headed off to the Lobby Bar. We stopped in the jewelry store. Jewelry dude is not there. I don’t want to be unfaithful, so we leave.

At the Lobby Bar we see Eduardo, the Star Friend. Are you keeping your Eduardo’s straight? He was my yoga teacher. He doesn’t recognize me. He starts to introduce himself to me, and I’m like, dude, we met this morning! He’s insistent that we have not. Andrea,I say? Yoga? Finally he becomes convinced.

I either gotta cut back on the make-up at night or start wearing more to the beach. (And for all the chica’s out there that are wondering what kind of make-up results in such a transformation, it’s Bare Minerals).

Humberto, the most awesome beach waiter is the Lobby Bartender. He sees me and says, “Where is Andrea?” I tell him, I am Andrea and “Karen” didn’t come on this trip. (Check out my trip report from January 20011 to find out the story behind that). He remembered my name, but not my face. It may have had something to do with him seeing me during the day and the day/night make-up disceprancy thing.

Turns out he is just as good a bartender as he is a beach waiter.

My drink count is way up there at this point. I want something lighter, so I have a Cranberry Vodka and Club Soda.

The night is still young. There is still drinking to be done and revelry to be had.


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  1. We leave tomorrow morning for the Grand to celebrate my birthday (third year in a row for birthday, one year for big anniversary). It has been so nice to keep my memories fresh with your blog. Also want to thank Zung for having the shrimp fajitas put on the menu–they are so good. I had forgotten he was responsible. I hope we have as great a time as you did!

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