Cooking with Olivia and Reunion with Eder

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Zung and I finished our cuke mo’s and headed over to the area behind the towel hut. This is where the cooking class and wine tasting would be. It was all set up. They also have ping-pong tables when it is not being used for other things, like the dance lessons they have. That’s another thing I always say I’m going to do. But, remember, lounge chair is a jealous love. He doesn’t like me to wander off for too long.

Eder, one of the Star Friends who we met several trips ago, was standing there. He always remembers our names, and he has these weird ways of saying them that helps him remember. He saw me and said, “Andrea!” Big hug. He asked if we brought the kids. I replied that we had not. It was my birthday trip and they had already had their trip to Mexico and they only get one a year. If I hadn’t brought them on the last trip, I could have afforded the Grand. And we all know how that one turned out!

They had lots of wines set up.

Wine set up for tasting

The cooking class was led by the always smiling Olivia.


She had her trusty, goofy assistants.


This is not a good picture of Eduardo, but there will be a better one from the evening. He was my yoga teacher.

Olivia made two types of Guacamole in these enormous mortars.

This dude helped her set up. He is one serious dude.

Serious Dude


Eder helped with the Classic Guacamole and Eduardo helped with a Guac that she added fruit to. It was really good. She made some salsa also. Then they broke out the chips and we all chowed down.

Eder had everyone sing Happy Birthday to me and another chica who was wearing an enormous 40th Birthday button.

It’s important not to eat without drinking, so we all turned our attention to the wine tasting. I thought they might give us some didactic, but they just handed out glasses of whatever you requested. That worked too.

It was my birthday, which meant a special celebration, so I had champagne.

We then headed into Las Brisa for lunch. Ceasar was our waiter. He was fine, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was missing Alex something fierce. We asked Alejandra, the hostess about him and she said he moved to Baja.

Caesar asked if I wanted more champagne, but a Havana and coke is more or less a lunch time tradition. Zung had a Victoria.

I had my favorite lunch of Tournedos and French Fries and Zung had the ever famous shrimp fajitas.

It was, in a word, lunch perfection ( guess that is two words, but you know what I mean). I work in a hospital and the food is…well, the less said the better (when you can’t say something nice, and all that). Fabulous lunches every day for a week that I don’t have to make are such a special treat. I don’t have to think about where to go, just what to order.

I think I might never leave.

A few bites of perfect sweetness for dessert.

We headed back to the beach and lounge chair. As I collapsed into him he muttered, “Had a few, have we?”

At that point I had a cucumber mojito, glass of champagne and rum and coke flowing through my veins. The next thing that was in order was a nap!

I am now blogging out-of-order. I was so excited about posting about Lounge Chair and Daniel that I forgot a few things that had happened in the morning. The spa massage ladies came by and gave us sample massages and we booked a full hour couples massage for Saturday. Zung said the 5 min sample massage was enough for him, but it was my birthday, so he would indulge me.

He had a Margarita in the morning.

I touched my toes in the water.

I love this picture for its illusion qualities. It looks like I was right next to the crashing waves, when in fact, I was nowhere near that cold water.

The Star Friends had had a water balloon fight where they got dressed up as super heroes and were on a floating trampoline. Looked like fun, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Me? I’m into meditating with the sea. And sleeping off my morning of drinking. Have you been counting? It’s up to 6. However, it’s been 5 o’clock in several time zones, so it’s all good.

Coming attractions: Birthday goodies from the Grand.


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