Special Reunion

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Zung was not quite ready, but I couldn’t wait another second. I told him I would meet him on the beach. I went to get towels. In the ocean front buildings lobby area they have these wood cabinets where they keep the towels. They usually have some neatly stacked in pyramids on top as well. One of the beach butlers was stacking towels. His name was Joel. He asked me how many towels I wanted and then he carried the towels out to the chairs I picked out. He carefully put the towels on the chairs while we chatted. Turns out he used to work at Excellence Riviera Cancun. He said at the Grand they move him around to different areas every day, but he would prefer to work the same area so he can get to know the guests. He was very nice. That was the first time anyone brought out my towels and put them on the loungers for me.

It was also the last time. Nobody ever did this again. Which didn’t matter at all. I am certainly capable of doing this myself. There were other things that happened with the beach butlers that were a one time event. I have always wondered what their purpose was. I guess since these different things only happened once, I am still wondering.

Joel was very chatty, but I was getting antsy. I was ready to reunite with my lounge chair and I obviously couldn’t do that with him standing there. Zung came up and we all chatted some more. Finally, he left us alone.

At last!

Oh, he looked so good. I had missed him so much. It had been far too long.

I laid down on him.

“You’re back mi amor. You have been gone a very, very long time. But your friends, they have been here. There has been talk. Is it true?”

“It’s not what you think. It didn’t mean anything. It was a one vacation stand. You weren’t there. I didn’t enjoy it at all, but there was no one else. It was clear I didn’t enjoy it. It doesn’t qualify as being unfaithful at all.”

“You must never stray again. You come back to me, only me.”

“Of course. I understand now. There can never been another like you.”

“You’ve been working out, haven’t you? I can tell.”

And so, all indiscretions were forgiven.

Reyes was our beach waiter that day. He came by and I ordered a Coco Loco (you can see it in my hand in the above picture).

It was overcast, and would stay that way all day long. It was comfortably warm.

I am snuggling with my beloved lounge chair, I am drinking one of my favorite drinks that I can only get at the Grand, I am staring at the ocean, and listening to the beautiful music that is the waves crashing on to shore and I hit my vacation zen.

I realize it then. I am an addict. I have to be here. I will do whatever it takes to be here. I will cheat, steal, gamble, extreme coupon, whatever it takes. This is my addiction. Laying on the beach at the Grand, being in this vacation zen state. It is awesome. And there is no where else like it.

I am a happy birthday girl.

But I had another special man to meet up with. Someone I had thought about regularly since I had last seen him in January. People had been telling him I was coming. Hopefully, he was ready for me.


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  1. Hmmm.. I wonder who that special man may be… Can’t wait to read on..

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