Overcast with strong chance of Mimosa’s

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Happy Birthday to me!

When I woke I, I decided it was enormously better to turn 51 in Mexico than, well, anywhere else I had turned 51. We actually slept until 7:30, which is late for us. We tend to be early risers even on vacation. Zung took his first Zungrise picture, such as it was. The sky was completely overcast.

With that task accomplished, we headed off to the breakfast buffet at Bella Vista. I took my iPad so I could look at the news, check email and the forums. Maybe even post a “Live from” entry on my blog. It was not to be though, because there was no WiFi in Bella Vista. That was a bummer.

We were seated. Alfonso came over and took our drink orders. Coffee con leche for Zung and Tea and a Mimosa for me.

We definitely missed Alex, our favorite breakfast and lunch waiter. Alfonso did not immediately wow us, and he wasn’t flashy, but we all warmed up to each other and by the end of the week we appreciated having him as our waiter and getting to know a little bit about him.

We went to check out the food, which was what we remembered. They have a really fabulous selection and everything is high quality and fresh. Olivia was there, which surprised me, as it had been less than 12 hours since I had seen her the night before. She greeted us warmly. She was making omelets and Zung put in his order. He loves those omelets. He loves them so much, he was halfway through eating it before he took a picture.

 You can see he appreciated the fresh sugar donut as well. They had donuts and churros and chocolate dipped croissants and muffin looking things that were iced with whote and chocolate icing and these thin crunchy things. They have expanded their offerings in this area. It felt like there were more people working the buffets, preparing foods. I noticed a definite step up in this area.

It made me happy.

Zung’s omelet made him happy.

We had a USA today that had been put on our room door. It’s a condensed version with half of it being about the tourist sites in the Riviera Maya. It was still good to get to check in on the outside world.

I wanted to check in a little deeper. With breakfast done, we headed off to the Lobby Bar to see if there was WiFi there. Happily there was. The waitress came by and asked if we wanted anything. I felt like it would be rude to just sit there and consume the WiFi waves without ordering something. So, to be polite, I asked for a Mimosa. If you’re counting (and there will be a quiz at the end), that makes two.

I checked the news, my email and posted on Trip Advisor. I played a word on my Words With Friends game with T.

We headed back to our room. The jewelry store was open. Since it was my birthday, we went in to see if anything caught my eye. My friend, the jewelry store dude, was not there. I did not want to be unfaithful in my jewelry purchasing, so we left without buying anything.

We walked back to our room and it was still quite overcast. I remembered that yoga was a 10 o’clock, and it was almost that time. I changed quickly into some yoga appropriate pants and hoofed it over to the tranquility pool. I had really enjoyed yoga at ERC, in a sick, twisted kind of “it hurts so good” way. I was hoping for a similar experience.

Alas, it was not to be. There was no Yoga Tyrant to push me to my limits (and to run his hands up and down my body as he helped me do that). The Grand yoga class was exactly what I had anticipated resort yoga to be. Yoga for Dummies.

Eduardo, one of the Starfriends, was the teacher. I was the only attendee. He was getting attacked by mosquitos the whole class. They tend to leave me alone, and this time was no exception.

At home I do Hatha Yoga and my teacher has us hold poses for 3 minutes. I really like that. Eduardo, like all other teachers (including Yoga Tyrant) changed poses CONSTANTLY. I really don’t like that, so it was a less than awesome experience. It wasn’t terrible, by any means. It just wasn’t what I was looking for in a yoga class.

I thanked Eduardo for the class and headed back to the room. I met up with Zung. He had gone to the gym and done some cardio.

It was still overcast, but warm.

I had waited long enough. I needed to get my toes in the sand.

Big sigh.

Next up, I had a date with a very important lounge chair. And I had some explaining to do.


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