Drinks and Dinner, Night 1

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On the Trip Advisor Forum, a small meet and greet had been arranged with a couple of couples. One couple was staying at the Grand and the other was staying at the Lindo. Guests of the Grand can go to any of the other hotels, but the other hotel guests can’t come to the Grand. So we had to get over to the Lindo.

We dressed for dinner. I don’t have a good picture of the dress I wore. I bought it on sale at Bebe. It didn’t “wow” me when I bought it, but it was cute, AND on sale. I liked it better when I put it on. It’s a classic little black dress and every woman needs one, or two. More is okay.

I wore my red patent leather Christian Louboutin’s. Every woman needs a pair of red patent leather stilettos too. It took me years to find these, but they were worth the wait. Zung wore a black shirt. I love a man in a black shirt.

We went out to the lobby area of our building and asked for a ride to the Lindo. We hopped aboard the golf cart and we whisked over to the Lindo. It was wet out as it had been raining off and on.

We disembarked our chariot and walked around the outside of the Lindo lobby bar, looking for the people we were supposed to meet. We went inside and didn’t see them in there either. A woman outside waved to me and we went out. It was Mary aka whiskeykat. Her husband Dwayne, joined us. She said the skeeters were bad outside so we went inside and sat down for drinks. The other couple never showed up. If we had known they weren’t going to show up, we could have just met up at the Lindo. But, what can you do?

We had a nice chat with Mary and Dwayne from Canada. I had tried to get them to adopt me because they had come with their son and DIL and they had first upgraded them all from the Maya to the Grand and then upgraded the son and DIL to a corner ocean front room. Dwayne said they could afford the upgrades, but the shoes would bankrupt them.

Probably true.

We discussed dinner plans and realized we all had dinner reservations at the Japanese restaurant at 8:30 at the Grand. We headed out to the front and asked for a ride to the Grand. We were delivered there and went to the Japanese restaurant where they did NOT have our reservations (which I had made by email). There was some mumbling between the hostess and the manager dude and then we were seated. The four of us sat at a tempanyaki table.

I asked for some Merlot and they gave me a glass and then brought a whole bottle when I needed a refill. Zung wasn’t planning on having wine, but he didn’t want me to drink the whole bottle by myself, so he pitched in.

We had a female hibachi chef, which was a first. She did some show cooking, which was the first in a long time.

We both got the fried rice. I got the lobster and Zung got shrimp and chicken. We drank more wine. I had the mango sushi, but it was made with geleed mango puree. Not awesome. I never saw any fresh mango while we were there. I guess it was not the season.

Olivia, the very personable PR chef, came by. She was everywhere, all the time. By the end of the trip I think we saw her at every meal except for her day off. She was always asking if everything was okay. A few days into the trip we started asking her about her life outside of the Grand. She has a son, 12 years old, who lives with her, and an older son, 18, who lives in Canada. She has two dogs, one named Pinky. She doesn’t have any video game systems at home because she wants her son to do more than play video games. We really looked forward to seeing her every day. We look forward to seeing her on our next trip.

We enjoyed our first dinner.

What a sexy man. Sorry ladies, he’s taken.

After our travel day and our evening, we were tired, so we went back to our room. There was the apple treat from Apple (Vacations, not Computers) waiting for us. Our room had been turned down. I love turn down service. Nobody turns down my room at home. (I wonder if rich people get turn down service?)

It had been a good, good day. The Grand had provided a warm welcome and we had seen some of our longtime friends from the staff. And let’s be honest. The Grand has a gorgeous facility. The food is quite good. The drinks are awesome. The bed is super comfy. But it is the awesome people who keep us coming back.

Tomorrow would be a day for many favorites. But today…well, today had been so perfect, if the vacation ended right now, it would have been a great one.


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  1. Loving this…thanks for blogging…great last picture!!! All of them are really good, but you look great and like you are “home” 🙂 Hearing a big sigh…and then a smile

  2. Can you ask them to not use salt at the Habachi? And will they do it? & on another note – how many pairs of shoes do you bring with you & are they all just as fabulous? Having to rethink my shoes for the trips after reading your blog!

    1. I’m sure you can ask them not to use salt. I spoke to a woman who said she had some dietary restrictions and they made a letter for her to take to the restaurants.
      I usually bring 4-6 pairs of heels and 2 pairs of flip-flops (not those rubber things though). I usually try to only bring my A-list shoes. LOL.

      1. On the shoe note – While at lunch yesterday I walked past the Jimmy Choo store & thought of you. A pair of gorgeous hot pink & purple heels with feathers. I was drooling!

  3. I don’t have any Jimmy Choo’s. I’ve never found a pair that passed the comfort test. But I keep looking!

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