One vacation ends as another begins

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Cancun Valet was prompt in picking us up. It was the usual trip to the airport, check-in, security, duty-free shop. We spent a lot of time buying things. We didn’t buy a lot, just spent a lot of time doing it. The boys got something to eat and that took forever. Then we were off to our gate.

Dave, our favorite flight attendant was there. He came out to chat. I had bought him some candy in the duty-free store. He took awesome care of us and we chatted a bunch more on the plane. I sent Frontier an email telling them what an awesome person he is and how much we appreciated how good care he took of Susie. I also recommended  they give him a raise.

The immigration agent was particularly friendly, but he did ask several times if we’d bought any cigars. I think they do the friendly to make you let down your guard. “Yes, I DID buy Cuban cigars, and you are so nice, I feel I should confess.” Yea. I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Nicholas’ girlfriend had been house/pet sitting for us. She had reported there had been flooding in our basement. It wasn’t terrible, but not great to come home to. Also not great to come home to was the hail damage to my car. There had apparently been some fierce weather the entire week that we had been gone. The hail had been so bad it had broken my side view mirror on the driver’s side.

Our dog had not been eating much while we’d been gone. She was pretty skinny when we got home. She went through a really bad stretch where she wasn’t eating, drinking or doing much of anything. We thought it was time for her to go to that big dog park in the sky. Then she started eating and doing all the other things a dog is supposed to do. She has totally revived and now she’s looking rather chubby.

Three days of rain, hail damaged car, flooded basement, sick dog. I wouldn’t call it the vacation from hell (we’ve been through that), but we certainly didn’t have our usual vacation zen.

I got a pretty sizable check from the insurance company for the car. Sooooo, it was a mere two weeks later that I was booking our next trip. We decided to return for my birthday. We decided to return to the Grand. If you’ve got a good thing, stick with it. Going on a vacation that wasn’t awesome wasn’t the bargain it had originally appeared to be.

We leave in two days. It has been a super stressful last couple of weeks due to family matters. Zung and I are definitely looking to spend some quality time together. It’s been raining quite a bit in the Cancun area for the last couple days. Oh well, at least we will be trying to figure out what to do with a rainy beach vacation at our happy place.

This trip report has come to an end. Check back for the next one.


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  1. Thanks for the report on ERC and the great family photos. I trust that your trip back home to the Grand will be a good one. We are heading back to Paraiso in just over 4 weeks. I share your anticipation. Have a Happy “26th anniversary”. I’m looking forward to your next report.

    1. Thanks Anthony. I hope you have a great trip also!

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