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We packed up our bags. Fingers crossed that my bag would be under 50 pounds. I can never quite figure that out, since I carry the sunscreen and we always use lots of sunscreen. (Although, I OBVIOUSLY did not use enough.) And it is always close on weight.

NO! I do not buy that much jewelry.

We checked with the boys, who were not ready. Wow! I’m so surprised. NOT! (Nicholas would have been late when he was born, but it was a scheduled C-Section – he has spent the rest of his life making up for that.)

We went to the lobby to check out. The gentleman asked if everything had been fine. There was this awkward moment when it was clear he knew everything had not been fine, but I was saying, clearly, unenthusiastically, that it HAD been fine. We moved on and checked out.

What was I gonna say? It wasn’t “special” enough? Was I really going to go through the disappointment with the restaurants? The mattress? The color of the ocean?

No. I was not. I said in a Trip Advisor forum post (that got deleted because these thoughts caused so many negative comments), if you’ve never been to some place like Iberostar Grand or Royal Hideaway, you will probably love ERC. It is a nice place. But I’ve been to nicer. In the end, the money we saved (and we are not talking small change) was not worth the disappointment in the resort. I had booked our next vacation less than two weeks after we returned. To the Grand.

Enough said.

Checked out, we headed to the buffet for lunch. One more round of Havana rum and cokes and Victoria beers. One more grilled grouper (the first time it was really good, the 7th time it had lost it’s luster). The boys joined us. We enjoyed one last lunch together.

Next time, maybe Hawaii?



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  1. We seldom go to the same place twice, which has amazed us because the Grand is so great, not perfect, but close enough for us. We go for the fourth time the weekend after Thanksgiving, again for my birthday, and expect to have a great time.

    I love the pictures of your family. I wish we could do that with ours. We are trying to put together a family trip for our 50th (6 years from now). All our grandchildren will be old enough for the Grand ( and too young to have produced greatgrandbabies we hope!!) Keep your children close and love the grandchildren you will have in the future!

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