Tempenyaki Time

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Looking at that last family photo, I have to say, damn, my kids are good-looking! Am I allowed to say that? Well, I just did.

While we were waiting for Peter, I sent the boys off to see about getting a Tempenyaki table, but they were told you have to check in when they open at 6 for that.

We all got together and headed in to the Asian restaurant and when the hostess saw Nicholas she asked him if we still wanted a Temepenyaki table because they had had a cancellation. It wouldn’t be available until 8, so they gave us a beeper (that always feels so Applebee’s) and we went to hang out at the Martini bar.

There was a wedding party there that evening. The bride looked lovely, but the cigarette she was smoking kind of ruined the look.

It didn’t take long for the beeper to go off. We headed back to the restaurant and were taken to our special room. The Tempenyaki tables are in little rooms, which is nice for ambiance but a little claustrophobic (if you are so inclined, which I am).

The food was so-so (which had become a recurrent theme) but the chef did put on a decent show.

He did the flaming onion volcano thing. I’ve seen it a bunch of times, but it never fails to impress.

WHOOAAA! I just caught the cross in that picture! I think it was, in reality, a salt or pepper shaker. Creepy.

If you’re into that type of thing. Which I’m not.

The chef put on a firestorm of a show.

I’m a riot, aren’t I?

The food was okay, but I was not. I got through dinner but had to bail before dessert. I was probably just a tad dehydrated. Too many Zombie’s and not enough water. I said I was gonna go, and Zung said he would go with me, and then the boys said they were done too. That put a fast end to that party.

Off to bed we went. The plan was to get up early and enjoy some more beach time before we headed back to colorful Colorado.





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