My Memory Grows Fuzzy – Time or Zombies?

The guys were hungry (remember, the concierge wouldn’t get them sandwiches for their trip?). The Asian buffet by the pool was being put away. Off to the main buffet we all went. I had a rum and coke and maybe some chips and guac or maybe it was some dessert. I can’t really remember. I would like to think my memory has grown fuzzy because it’s been close to three months since all this took place, but it could just be the effect of the Zombie.

I do know that we spent some time on the beach and had some fun taking some pretty cheesy pictures.

You can tell we had fun.

We stayed on the beach as long as we could. It was our last full day. But soon it was time to pack it up and head back to our room. We had an appointment with our photographer at 7 pm. We showered and dressed and headed off to the lobby. Peter the photographer, however, was not there. He was on the beach, taking pictures of the beach dinners. The guy that was there (I’ve already forgotten his name entirely) called him. There was another couple there expecting to meet him as well.

Peter arrived, somewhat breathless and tried to get us to come back the next day but I balked, saying we were leaving at 1:45 and I did not want to be rushed. He pulled up the photos, which were all very good. They had some packages that included prints, but I just offered him a flat rate for the entire CD and no prints. He hesitated, but I could tell he wanted to get back to the beach dinners so he agreed and asked us to pick it up the next day.

All that was left was one more dinner. Does anyone want to make any guesses which restaurant we chose?

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2 Responses to My Memory Grows Fuzzy – Time or Zombies?

  1. jill says:

    such fun!!!! thanks for the blog so far…its cracking me up with all the references to the “Grand”. Hard to put on your happy face when you really just want to scream 🙂

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