Fabulous Fishing Trip

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The guys were pumped from the fishing trip. They had been successful. They had taken lots of pictures.

In the early morning hours they took a taxi to a marina in Cancun.

They boarded their boat and left near the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Patrick settled in for the ride.

It was the three of them plus another dad and his two boys and the crew. The other dad didn’t do well with the motion and was pretty sea-sick.







They saw this very cool ship.

One of the crew.

Zung caught the first fish. It was a tuna. They threw all the fish they caught back into the ocean.

Next, Nicholas caught one.

Then Patrick caught his.

Zung caught another one.

But the biggest moment of the trip occurred for the 12 year old son of the other dad when he caught this sailfish.

I have blurred his face because I don’t think he was asked if he wanted to be in my blog.

I’m sure this was the highlight of this kid’s trip. It may be the highlight of his life. That was a big damn fish!

Nicholascaught this hard to find Corona.

Then it was time to head back.

A good time was had by all.

(When I found out how much it was going to cost to mount that fish – $1400 – I was really glad none of my guys had caught anything like that).

There were still several hours of beach time to be enjoyed once they returned to the hotel.


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  1. I regularly receive the email notifications of new posts…AND I read them all 🙂 I just haven’t commented lately. Wanted to let you know though that I love these family pics you post. This one of you and Zung is especially nice. That dress…WOW!!! Of course the shoes are always a big hit too 🙂 Thanks also for the detailed info on the resorts.
    Keep Blogging…and I’ll keep Reading.
    ~JO~ A Faithful Fan from Canada 🙂

    1. THANK YOU! It was nice to get the family shots with the photographer. With the weather, we were not sure it was going to happen.

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