Getting my vacation zen on Part 2

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After yoga I returned to my room and changed into my swimsuit and performed the ritual slathering on of sunscreen. I packed my beach bag and headed to the beach. I parked my butt on a beach lounger and pulled out my book. It was not long before my good friend, the beach waiter, was coming by and taking my drink order. I asked for a recommendation. Lotsa alcohol, not too sweet, no tequila. His rec was a Zombie.

A zombie it is. I think the reason they are called a Zombie is because that is what you will be if you drink a few of these. Yummy. Goes down easy and packs a punch.

I stared out at the ocean, which was beautiful, I sipped my potent drink and I felt relaxed, I think for the first time the whole trip. I drank, I read, I often gazed at the ocean. I knew the moment had finally come when all my cares are gone. Although I was sad it had taken this long for it to happen, I was going to fully enjoy the remaining time that I did have.

For lunch they had set up a buffet right by the pool bar of Asian food. I was pretty over the regular buffet, so I was glad there was a tasty option today. I waited until the line went down a bit and then I got a plate and filled it with fried rice and spring rolls and some other tasty treats. I then took my plate to my lounge chair and enjoyed my lunch as I looked at the ocean.

I want to make it very clear that although I was spending time with THIS lounge chair, I was very clear with him that nothing special was happening between us. It was not just that he was uncomfortable (and I am sooooo not into that whole S&M thing). My Grand lounge chair has a special place in my vacation life and I had no intention of being unfaithful to him and our relationship.

I think I had another Zombie. I had a pretty good buzz going on (but I still was not going to cheat on Grand lounge chair).

It was not long after lunch that Zung and the boys showed up. They had a fantastic time on their fishing trip and they had some good fish tales to tell.

But that’s for the next post.

(And for anyone who wants to know – it’s 23 days until I am reunited with Grand lounge chair).


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  1. SO jealous that you are headed back to the Grand!

    1. You should come too! You need a vacation rehab too.

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