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For dinner we decided to return to the Italian restaurant. The only restaurants we hadn’t tried were the Grill, and I hadn’t heard good things about it, so we decided to just skip it, and the outdoor pizza/pasta place, Oregano. I didn’t really want to sit outside and I have not had good pizza at a resort in Mexico yet, so we decided to just go back to the Italian, Toscana. Nicholas liked this restaurant the best and the rest of us thought it had been pretty good as well.

They were setting up for dinners on the beach. It looked like they did a fair number of those. However, it was very windy. Zung and I did a dinner on the beach, once, at the Royal Hideaway. It had been a really perfect night with almost no wind. I have to say, most of the times I see dinners on the beach, it looks quite windy.

Zung and I were ready and picked up the boys along the way and then we headed to the restaurant.

We had a different waiter than the first time, but this one was fine too. We bought a bottle of wine, a Carenara. It was good. They told us that they had replaced the salad on the menu with a Ceasar salad. Patrick and I got that. It was just okay. Patrick thought it had a funny taste. I thought it was fine, just not that great.I can’t remember what everyone had. There was a miscommunication about my dish. Or maybe I just misunderstood how it worked. I expected a cream based pasta with proscuitto, but it was a tomato based dish. It was fine. I didn’t like it as much as the veal dish I’d had the first time we ate there, but overall the food was decent.

The dessert was pretty mediocre.

After dinner, Patrick and I went back to the room and Zung and Nicholas went to the lobby to arrange transportation to the place where they were going to leave for the fishing trip tomorrow. They spoke to the bell boy and they got it all arranged.

The guy at the dive shop had told Zung to ask the concierge to arrange for them to get sandwiches in the morning to bring for lunch. She refused to do so however. She said they wouldn’t keep until lunch and didn’t offer any alternatives. I was surprised by this because the days they had the buffet set up outside for lunch there were sandwiches that had sat there for quite some time and nobody seemed worried about it. It was another example of how ERC didn’t quite seem to know how to go that extra bit to be an awesome hotel. Perhaps it is the type of thing that depends on who you talk to.

Zung and the boys decided to order room service breakfast and take some bagels and things like that with them.

We all turned in early because they had to leave at 6am. Ugh. Too early. Way too early.

The fishing trip turned out to be a highlight of the trip for them. But that’s a post for another day.


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