Just Chilllin’ at the Beach

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Morning brought our anniversary breakfast. It was pretty much a room service continental breakfast with mimosa’s. As “over it” we were with the buffet, this breakfast pretty much left us wanting the buffet. On the plus side, the dude who brought it was very friendly.

I had seen tables at the buffet where there were rose petals on the table and I had thought maybe that’s what the anniversary breakfast was. I think I would have liked that better. But I will say, Excellence did a really nice job of acknowledging our anniversary. I will say they did a better job in this respect that the Grand has ever done with any anniversary’s or birthdays.

We sat out on the balcony as we “enjoyed” our breakfast, because that’s the way we roll. After we ate we went to the lobby to exchange some money and then headed off to the beach.

There was a photo session with a pelican.

The Sand-boni made an appearance. Boy, there is nothing like a huge, rumbling, exhaust belching machine to add to your beach zen.

Or, not.

It was a lovely day and we had some lovely drinks. I had a Mango Colada that was served in a stylish glass. I’m a stylish kind of gal, so I like a stylish kind of glass (or plastic as the case was). They don’t have glasses like these at the Grand. Hmmm, that made it a tough choice which resort I liked better.

Or, not.

(Okay, truth be told, THAT pictures shows that I’ve had a few too many tropical drinks, or kids. Whatever.)

Zung had a mojito, which was served in a regular old glass, or plastic and that was what pretty much clinched it in the Grand’s favor.

Oh, yea. I crack myself up some time.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but they have numbers on the palapa poles and that’s how the waiter remembers where to bring the drinks.

The boys joined us. I was finally able to spend a little time in the sun (post sunburn reference). We read. I finished my iPad book and asked Nicholas for the book he had read and finished already, Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain (the No Reservations show dude). He gave it to me with a warning about the “salty” language. That book was written quite a few years ago. It talks about very vulgar conversations that are held in kitchens while the cooks and chefs do their thing. Nicholas is a cook and I asked him if that kind of thing still happened. He sheepishly replied, “Pretty much yea.”

Lunch at the buffet. I’m sure I had grilled something. They were out of veggies and garlic. Really? Isn’t there a rule that all cooking establishments must have abundant amounts of garlic at all times?

More beach, more books, more tropical drinks. Does rum and coke count as a tropical drink? Actually, today I ordered a Citron and Club Soda because the coke was wreaking havoc with my stomach. I’m sure it was the coke and the rum had nothing to do with it. It was a good break from the sugar. Much lower calorie, I’m sure.

They had a live band set up by the pool and pool bar and it is right by the beach. It was noisy. One of the reasons I sit on the beach is because I prefer the sound of the ocean. It was decent music, I just was not into music.

Overall, it had been a pleasant day.


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