Dinner at Spice

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Before dinner, Zung and I went to the Lobby Bar. Joel was there and I asked him if he knew how to make a French 75. He did not (few do), but as before, he was willing to learn. A French 75 is a type of champagne cocktail, made with champagne (duh), gin, a little lemon juice and a little sugar. He did good.

I appreciated his, not only willingness, but enthusiasm, for making my unusual requests and his desire to make it to my liking. Same for the bartender the night when Joel was off. We asked Joel if he enjoyed his day off and he told us all the things he did. All I can remember now is that it involved visits to his mother and mother-in-law. (Sounds like a good boy to me).

When the boys showed up we went to the restaurant Spice. It is right next to the Lobby bar.

Spice is the Asian restaurant. We arrived and were seated right away. You have a choice of sitting in the main dining room or sitting at a Teppanyaki table. To sit at a Teppanyaki table you have to get there right when they open up and put your name in. We were fine with sitting at a regular table.

I can’t remember what everyone had. I had the Triple Spicy Duck and I would say it was the best dinner entrée I had the entire trip. It wasn’t very spicy, but it was very tasty. All we seemed to take pictures of were the desserts.

 I can’t help but wonder if I would have had a better feeling about Excellence if we had started our culinary journey at Spice. you know, first impressions and all that.

A word about the “included” wines. For some reason, on this night, I inquired about the choices. I had recalled there had been two choices and we all know the first one I chose at the Lobster House, did not make a favorable impression. But this spending $50 for a $15 bottle of wine was wearing thin. I asked for a glass of the Merlot (I think – don’t hold me to that – it’s been a couple of months and I didn’t take notes about this) and it was surprisingly much better than the first included. It was a significant improvement over the first included wine we tried.

After dinner the boys went back to the room and Zung and I helped Joel refine his cucumber mojito making skills.  We decided he was the superior cucumber mojito maker.

We took the long way back to the room. I wanted to check out the X Lounge.

The X Lounge is right next to the beach. It has beds and seems like it would be very hip at night. People hang out on the beds during the day. It is right next to the bar that is right by the beach. I’ll never know if it is hip or not because what it definitely was not that night was open.

We are not big night-time beach walkers, but the beach was there and was fairly well-lit, so we decided to walk down the beach. It was nice. Note to self: more night-time beach walks.

At the Grand, the beach is too far away from the rooms in the main building to take a hike down there to walk it, and when we have stayed in ocean front, well, it just never occurred to us to go out and take a walk when our room was right there.

There were other people on the beach. This night-time beach thing seems to be quite popular. Who knew?

We walked to the end of the property and then turned in to the walkway by the room buildings. There was a pool. This was down by the “Excellence Club” beach area (better beach loungers) and there was a pool that I imagined was the EC pool. Somebody on one of the forums had referred to the “class system” at Excellence and before our trip I wasn’t sure what he meant. I knew the EC rooms were nicer and had liquor in the rooms and they had a private lounge. And were more expensive.

There is the special area on the beach for them and their pool and there is a bar on the beach just for them. Nicholas tried to order a drink there (not knowing he wasn’t the right “class”) and they asked for his room number and when he gave it to them they said he couldn’t be served there. He ended up getting a drink at the bar next door, which was the Dreams resort (not right, I know, but ironic).

I decided I don’t like the class thing either. If I was going to spend the extra money, I would have spent it to stay at the Grand, where there extra money would have bought me a nice beach lounge chair and use of any bar, pool and liquor in my room AND all the restaurants have good food and there is outstanding service throughout the resort and it wouldn’t depend on my room number for all that to happen.

We made it back to our room and turned in for the night. We had gotten turn down service and had arranged for our “anniversary breakfast” the following morning.


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