Susie Goes Home

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I showered at the spa and finally gave into the fact that my hair is curly and trying to keep it straight in this humid weather was proving to be futile.  Susie went back to our room to shower.

We met the guys at the buffet for lunch. I got grilled fish, I’m sure. After lunch, Susie and I went to the lobby to wait for her ride. The Funjet dude came over to us to let us know her ride was there. We waited for Zung to meet us there so she could say good-bye to him. The Funjet dude pointed out that they had provided Susie with private transportation. Yea, I’m still asking for a refund for the “wasn’t non-stop, non-stop transportation to the hotel.”

We said good-bye to Susie. It was sad to see her go. It felt like she had just got here.

The four of us went to the beach for the afternoon. It was the kind of day you come to Mexico for.

During the course of the afternoon, I ordered chips and guacamole from our beach waiter. He brought nachos.

On several occasions I tried to order a Coco Loco. It is one of my favorite drinks and so far, I could only get it at the Grand. The first time I had Zung try to order it for me and he said you could only get it at a certain time and the time was past. So, I tried to order it and the waiter said it was only available from 12:30-1:30. Another day I tried to order it and was told you could only get them at the class. The best I could figure out was they had a coconut drink class on the beach at that time of day and they would have actual coconuts that they made drinks in. I don’t know if it was lost in translation, but I never could get a Coco Loco. I didn’t want a drink in a coconut. I just wanted that blended creamy yumminess that is coconutty and potent. It will probably be the first drink I order when I get to the Grand next month.

The boys both were reading. They would take walks down the beach and Patrick really liked to jump off the pier and swim to the beach and then do it again.

Zung and the boys decided to go fishing on Wednesday. They have never done that before. I am definitely NOT the fishing type, so I would just stay at the hotel and hang out at the beach. Zung went to the dive shop and made the arrangements.

At the end of the day we went to get ready for dinner. We had one more restaurant to try – the Asian,  Spice.

Good things come to those who wait.




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