Spectacular Spa Experience

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I could not believe that Monday was here already and Susie would be leaving today. Her the with us had been too short. Oh well, she is a working girl now.

Zung and I went for breakfast at the buffet. We would have liked to have tried out what the Lobster House had for breakfast, but it did not open until 9 am and that was too late for us. I had pretty much the same things as usual, a roll, some bacon and maybe an egg. There were always other things but nothing ever looked that appetizing. I was pretty much over this breakfast buffet.

I went to yoga after breakfast. Seriously, Yoga tyrant dude, do you have to sit right next to me? And I think we are about at the point that you need to buy me dinner first. I’m not really sure you really need to be making all these adjustments to my poses. And yet, I would go back one more time on Wednesday. So, either it wasn’t that bad, or, I liked it.

After being tortured and borderline sexually harassed, I went to get Susie for our massages. First we went to the Lobby to check her out, then we went to the spa. They tell you to arrive one hour early to do the Marine Wellness Circuit.

We came in the back way (the winding lazy river pool feeds into the spa pool, and this was the way I knew how to get there. We had to walk along a very narrow ledge, but it beat walking all the way around.

Who should be sitting there, but the yoga tyrant himself!

I nodded hello to him and walked past him to the check in desk. Susie and I were taken to the locker rooms and we put away our things and then went out to the waiting area in our swimsuits. The waiting area chairs were where Yoga Tyrant was sitting. He asked me if Susie was my daughter. WHAT? You think I’m old enough to have a child this old? How insulting. (Actually, I remember reading somewhere that in Mexico it is not considered poor taste to ask a woman her age – I prefer the US custom of a woman’s age being off-limits).

I said, yes, she is my daughter. Even though I didn’t want to be old enough to be her mother, I am. I’m even old enough to be her older brother’s mother. Yoga Tyrant Dude asked me if I had any other children and I said yes, two sons. Unfortunately, between his heavy accent and my being slightly hard of hearing, there was a fair amount of, “What?” coming from me.

Our conversation came to an end when our Marine Wellness Circuit guide came to get us so we could begin our Marine Wellness Circuit tour. To give you and idea of what this was, Susie described it as being like an adult obstacle course. One twisted mind came up with this routine. They take you into three different areas. There are showers, a steam room, a sauna, giant faucets with lots of pressure, bubble beds, a cold (I’m talking seriously cold – I couldn’t do that one, or wouldn’t) plunge, a room filled with ice that you are supposed to rub all over your body (“excuse me, could you repeat that, because I am SURE I misunderstood you” – but no, he said the same thing again), walking through water with jets and sprays and on pebbles for your legs and feet, standing under a bucket of water and pulling the rope to dump the water on us (and not knowing what temperature the water was  – it was a neutral temp). I think that’s it. It was fun and funny and mostly enjoyable (except for that cold stuff and I don’t like sauna’s, so I didn’t stay in there as long as I was supposed to).

When we were done with the Circuit, we went and got our robes and were taken upstairs to the waiting area. We were offered something to drink. Water, tea or chlorophyll.

I’m sorry, did you just offer me chlorophyll to drink? Ummm, water’s fine for me, thanks. After she left us, Susie got up and looked at the urns of drinks and there was indeed one labeled “chlorophyll”. It was dark green. Yea, I was good with my water.

We sat there for a while and then our massage therapists came to get us and took us to the massage rooms. My therapist asked if the room temperature was good for me. She asked if there was any area I wanted worked on. After a few minutes she asked if the pressure was okay. The massage was definitely an A+. Susie said hers was good too.

I will give points to ERC for the whole spa experience. It was more that just a massage. It was a whole experience.


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