Bumped by a big fish

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We all had lunch together at the buffet. Patrick got hot dogs with the works.

It rained briefly while we were at lunch, but it was in and out quick.

Susie and I went in the water and this guy came in and was talking to us. He was from Colorado also. All of a sudden he ran out of the water. He came up to us later and explained that he had been stung by a jelly fish. The jelly fish left us alone (thankfully). However, I got bumped and I realized it must have been a pretty big fish for me to have felt it the way I did. I started screaming and Susie laughed at me and said I sounded like a little girl and then it bumped her and she started screaming and we both decided we’d had enough of the ocean wild life for one day.

We had to leave the beach a little bit early because we were meeting the photographer at 4:30 and we had to go get prettied up. We didn’t plan our outfits, but they ended up coordinating very nicely. We met him in the lobby. His name was Peter and he was from Hungary. We chatted about living in Mexico and his family as he took us around to various spots on the resort and took a bunch of pictures. There are a lot of nice places to take pictures. Peter did a nice job and we enjoyed the shoot.

We went to Agave, the Mexican restaurant. They have an indoor area that is not air-conditioned and has doors opened to the outside. no one was sitting in there. They seated us outside. It was warm, but not quite as bad as the Indian restaurant (which was next door). Probably because there was a slight breeze. I can’t say sitting outside in July is comfortable when you are not right next to the ocean.

I had ceviche for an appy.

The lime soup and chicken tortilla soup were ordered.

Zung ordered the Vallarta Shrimp.

Susie got the Chimchanga. Somebody got the fish. I got the Chicken Mole.

Several desserts were ordered. This looks like Flan.

The food was decent. At this point, that was the best we were hoping for.

The kiddos went back to their rooms. Quick pic of Nicholas and I first.

Zung and I went to the lobby bar. It was always quite busy in there. I think part of that had to do with that was where people hung out while waiting for their beepers to go off for dinner. We saw people every night with them.

We sat at the bar and looked for Joel, but didn’t see him. We asked for him and were told he was off. We asked that bartender if he would make us cucumber mojitos if we told him how. He didn’t have any fresh cucumbers, but instead had a jug of cucumber puree. I wasn’t quite sure how much of that he should put in, but I winged it. He would look at me at every step to make sure he was making it the way I wanted it. They were decent. Not as good as Joel’s though. We just had the one and then went back to our room where there was turn down service.

When they did turn down service, it was nice. They laid slippers out next to the bed, put a bottle of water on the bedside table and turned music on.

It was around this time that I realized I had a very sunburned back. I had planned ahead though and had brought some aloe vera gel. Zung applied it (liberally) to my back.

The next day I had yoga and Susie’s and my spa visit to look forward to. Got to take the bad with the good!


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