The sun is out–yea!–the sun is out–ouch!

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It was a sunny day and we were hoping it would last today.

Breakfast buffet (yawn). They were giving out a survey asking for feedback about the resort. I gave all my identifying information, but never heard anything back.

The bacon was awful today. It is one of the few things I enjoyed at breakfast.  The other thing I enjoy is reading the news on my iPad and we were seated on the side that doesn’t get internet service. I couldn’t figure that out because it is one big room, only separated by a half wall in the middle. It was a mystery.

I got an omelet today and Zung was right, they weren’t good at all.

Zung went to the beach and I went to yoga. I know, I’m a glutton for punishment. The yoga tyrant told me he liked my shoes. Hmmm. When a man comments on a woman’s shoes, he is either trying to impress her or he is gay. I’m thinking this guy wasn’t gay and I think he was just trying to get me to let down my defenses. He was just as relentless as the other day. I literally had abrasions on my elbows. However, for some odd reason, at the end of the class I felt such a sense of accomplishment.

I went and collected Susie. We went to the Funjet booth in the lobby and arranged transportation for her to go to the airport the following day. I informed the Funjet guy she did not get the non-stop transfer that we had paid for.

Susie went to the beach and I went back to the spa and made reservations for her and I to get massages the next day before she left. I then joined her and Zung on the beach.

Susie is happy it is sunny. “Now, this is why I came to Mexico.”

I got sun. Lots of sun.

Nicholas avoided the sun because he had a new tattoo.

It was a beautiful day.

Everyone was in a good mood. The sun does that to you.

You have to be a confident 50-year-old to stand next to a body like Susie’s.

The sun felt so good. I was conscientious about re-slathering sunscreen on. Zung usually lets me know if I;m looking red. I even asked him and he said, no, I looked okay.

A bit of advice, DON’T OVERDO IT! (Warning – graphic photo coming up).

We enjoyed our first day of good weather.




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  1. I know at this point you are counting the days till you are back at the grand for your birthday….please post this on playa info as I know alot of people would like to read it….I already have another counter up it helps make the year go faster…..we are looking at secrets maroma beach for our 35th anniversary

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