Rain, and more rain

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It was sunny when we woke up. Yea! Zung and I went to breakfast. I tapped lightly on Susie’s door. She answered but said she was too tired to get up yet. Her room had two double beds and later she told me that when she went back to bed she got in the bed she hadn’t slept in yet. She just wanted to try out both beds. (Roll eyes).

I was already getting tired of the breakfast buffet. I ordered a Mimosa, ate some bacon and a roll. Zung had his omelet. Bad omelets get old fast.

After breakfast he got chairs on the beach. The kids and I joined him. The sun hadn’t lasted long.

Really? Another cloudy day? I couldn’t believe how much bad weather we were getting. In all our trips to Mexico, we had never had a stretch of bad weather like this. We read. Patrick went to the pier and jumped off a bunch of times. He liked doing that.

It started to rain, hard. In this next picture you can actually see the rain drops.

It was around lunch time and the kids were hungry since they hadn’t eaten breakfast, so we headed for the buffet.

Complaint coming. A lot of people headed in to the buffet and when we got up to the place where we went through the “what’s your room number?” ritual, the maitre’d took one look at Patrick and said, “We have a dress code. You have to have sleeves.” He was wearing a tank top. I know it is printed and I have no right to complain. But, it’s my blog. I can do whatever I want. And I’m going to complain about the fact that first of all they have a “dress code” for the lunch buffet of a beach resort. If it was a nice ala carte restaurant (like Spice at Royal Hideaway), I could understand. But everyone that is eating there was either at the pool or the beach, and I think it’s ridiculous. On this particular day it was pouring rain, so I think they could have made an exception. Patrick had to go back to the room to get a t-shirt, that is really no dressier that a tank shirt. I really thing as long as you have a shirt on, they should let you in. It would be better if they would put their energy in to making better food. Okay. I’m done complaining. About that, at least.

We went right to the fresh grilled foods. They had a different selection than yesterday and I got shrimp. I also got sushi almost every day, and chips and guacamole. And of course a Havana and Coke (or two).

After lunch, Susie went back to the room because it was still cloudy. By the time I got done it had gotten sunny and I went and got her. By the time we walked out to the beach, it was cloudy again, and very windy.

Note Patrick’s hair being blown by the wind.

You know it’s bad when you are covering up with a towel in Mexico in July.

The lady next to us said the water was really nice, so I went in. She was right, it was very pleasant.

Take note of that pasty white, untanned body. It will be significant later.

We hung out for a while.

It was anything but a thumbs up day.  As the rain increased the boys went back to the room. Susie, Zung and I decided to go see what the spa had to offer. The Grand has a really nice indoor spa with a health bar, large pool and two hot tubs. We were hoping for something similar here at Excellence.

The winding pools led to the spa pools. There were some bubble beds, but they were not hot. We could see a hot tub, but weren’t quite sure how to get to it. We sat and read for a while because the chairs were under a covered area. We could see them bringing people to the pools and do the faucets and the bubble beds. (Note to self: Susie and I needed to make reservations for massages).

At 2:30 I went to the lobby to talk to the photographer and I told him I didn’t think the rain was going to make for very good pictures. He said it wasn’t raining. I said I had just come from outside and it indeed was raining. He said it might stop. He really didn’t want to cancel the appointment and I really didn’t want to do the shoot in the rain. I asked about trying the next day, but it was his day off. He said maybe we’d like to do it in a few days. I explained (again) that our daughter was only here until Monday and she had to leave early Monday afternoon and we weren’t going to do the shoot without her. We agreed that if it was still raining at 4:00, we would cancel it. It was still raining at 4:00. Ultimately, he had his partner do the shoot the next day.

The rain kept getting harder. We went back to the room and ordered room service. I think when it rains, you eat more. There’s nothing else to do! I asked for Nachos and coffee and tea. The lady taking the order asks if we want cookies to. Sure! Why not! She was very nice and the food came in about 30 minutes. After we ate we tried out the jacuzzi in our room. It is very large. We could have fit the whole family in there. But that would be just weird. As I floated in the tub I noticed the grout was cracked. It was clear that the rooms needed some basic maintenance. I’m not talking updating (although, they could use that too), but just some basic maintenance.

After we were done with that we read and waiting until we could go to dinner (see what I mean about eating?). We were going to Chez Izabelle, the gourmet, and it had a lot of good things that were said about it, so I was really looking forward to it.

What is it they say? Don’t’ believe everything you read and hear?


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