A Good Dinner at Toscana

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We all got ready for dinner. I wore my sassy red patent leather Christian Louboutin’s. This isn’t a great picture of me, but it does show the sofa in the room. I liked having this sofa and felt like it was more functional that the fancy chaise lounge they have at the Grand. The Grand however has a nice table and chairs, which would be functional if you ordered room service and wanted to eat it inside. For some reason, we usually eat our rooms service outside on the balcony.

As you can see from the picture, we still had not drunk the champagne they had put in our room when we arrived two days before. In this picture I am multi-tasking. I am looking at the hotel map for the restaurant AND playing Angry Birds on my iPad.

We went and got the kids and headed off for dinner. Susie was wearing some pretty kick-ass shoes too. For some reason, we had a little trouble walking in them through the lobby, which was quite crowded. I hope people thought we’d had too much to drink, as opposed to thinking we didn’t know how to walk in heels. Now, THAT would be embarrassing.

Susie is definitely the picky eater of the group. She really likes Italian, so that was the restaurant we went to. There are actually two Italian restaurants, right next to each other. Toscana is the fancier of the two. It is inside, in the space that is used for the buffet for breakfast. There are two entrances, one called Barcelona, which I think used to be another dinner restaurant, but now is the main dining room for breakfast and lunch. The other entrance is Toscana, which seemed like an overflow dining room for breakfast and I never saw anyone in there for lunch, and then at night it is the Italian. Next to it is an outdoor restaurant called Oregano. It is casual and serves pizza and pasta.

We stumbled our way to Toscana (just the girls were stumbling. The boys were not wearing high heels on slippery and highly polished marble walks, so they were walking just fine). We went through the now familiar ritual of giving our room number and they would say, “Tran?” and we would confirm that we were in fact the Tran’s and then they would seat us.

We had an excellent waiter that night. His name was Modesto. I always tell the waiters that Susie speaks Spanish and then they usually will only talk to her in Spanish. She says she hates it because I stare at her, but it’s because I’m so proud of her and so envious that she can do that. Modesto made her practice her Spanish and provided us with excellent service all through our dinner.

We ordered a “pay extra” bottle of wine. It was a Tempranillo and it was only $30 and was a very drinkable red.

They offered to bring us cheese to eat with the wine, which was a very nice bonus. They brought us two plates of assorted cheeses.

Patrick eating cheese.

We perused the menu. Modesto told us that the Arugula and Spinach salad was not available. Among the five of us, we ate the Carpaccio, Caprese, Minestrone, Fettucine Pesto, Shrimp Gamberi, Veal Saltimbocca, Veal Picatta and Ravioli. The food was quite good. It was one of the best dinners we had. Good food, decent wine and great service. Things were definitely looking up.

Beef Carpaccio
Caprese made with avocado, different, but it worked.
Nicholas looking suspiciously at the pepper.
Susie loves her rolls.

Dessert was less impressive. Somebody ordered apple pie and it was cold.

Someone else ordered strawberry ice cream with strawberries.

Yea, it doesn’t look like strawberry ice cream to me either. It was basically a bowl of vanilla ice cream with mashed berries on top. It doesn’t look impressive and apparently it didn’t taste impressive either.

But overall, it had been a good dinner.

We headed back to the room. It was the night of the Mexican buffet and show. They have large tables for the buffet, so you will be sitting with strangers unless you are a party of ten. Some people like that. I’m somewhat antisocial, so it didn’t appeal to me and neither do buffets, so we had passed on that opportunity. We passed by a table that looked like it was for tequila tasting. We passed on that opportunity also.

There had been no turn down service that night.

We went to sleep, hoping for better weather tomorrow. Apparently we didn’t hope strongly enough.

I LOVE this picture of Zung.

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  1. I have been wondering about the words on Susie’s feet. Are they tatoo’s ? What do they say ?

  2. They say Salvation and Grace. They are tattoo’s. : (

  3. I love that picture of Zung! Something about black and white photos just looks so classy.

    1. I love it too, especially cause he rarely smiles that big.

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