Best Meal of the Trip & Waiting for Susie

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Having survived yoga, I went back to the room and changed into my swim suit and went out to the beach to find Zung. It was never a problem finding chairs on the beach. The pool scene always seemed busy. However, the pools meander and wind through the whole resort and there are chairs all along them. If you don’t want to be where all the action is, I don’t think it would be hard to find chairs in a quiet spot.

There was a beach waiter and sometimes he would change during the day. Well, he wouldn’t change. I don’t mean he changed clothes or anything. Who came around sometimes changed. He had the whole beach to service. As I said before, the beach service was good. The first day it seemed kind of slow but it seemed to get better the longer we were there.

The water at ERC is very calm. There are virtually no waves.

The boys came out after a bit and were hungry. It was lunch time. We went to the lunch buffet today, which is the same place as the breakfast buffet. It was here that I had my best meal of the trip. They had all the usual buffet offerings. There was pizza, pasta, hot dogs, salads, sushi (decent, but Nicholas who has been a sushi chef for the last couple years wouldn’t even try it), hot dishes, the usual buffet foods. What was special was they grilled seafood and meats fresh for you. I got grouper and they had some garlic and veggies and it was delicious.

The mashed potatoes were good too. I felt like I had finally had a good meal!

The boys had some desserts. Patrick had a mini yogurt parfait.

Nicholas had something that, well, I’m sure they didn’t intend for it to be so, uh, suggestive. Boys and boobs.

After lunch it was raining. We hung out in the lobby for a while. Ugh. This is getting old.

The boys headed off to find entertainment. The hotel photographer came over and gave us a brochure about their packages. We thought about it and had really liked the family pictures we’d had taken two years ago when we’d done our vow renewal in Mexico. We made an appointment to meet with him the next day at 4:30, when all of us would be here.

Eventually it stopped raining and we decided to go sit by the pool for a bit. We walked towards our building and looked for some chairs. It took awhile because a lot of them were wet from the rain. Finally we found a couple and sat and read. We were by the lazy river and now and then people would float by.

We went back to the room to shower and then go wait for Susie to arrive. She and I had tested before her flight took off. Dave, as promised, had taken really good care of her. He had her board early, before anyone else boarded. He moved her closer to the front, and gave her magazines and snacks. Her last text before she turned off her phone was, “This is the best flight ever!”

Her first text when she landed was, “It was the worst flight ever. Thank god for Dave.” She’d been surrounded by crying babies and the guy sitting next to her was sick and snorting and sniffling the whole time. She got off the plane to the longest immigration line any of us have ever had. She had a carry on. Customs was a long wait too. It all took her three hours. She was taking the ride with Funjet, but I had paid extra for her to get non-stop service. That means she is first off and last picked up. Or, that’s what it’s supposed to mean. It was just her and one other guy and they dropped him off first. (My travel agent has sent in an inquiry about it because this is not what we paid for and I want my money back). I was anxiously waiting for her to arrive.

These are some other pictures of the area outside the lobby.

Zung took a picture of my sandals.

We waited and waited and waited and FINALLY, she was there. I was SO happy to see her.

She got her cool cloth and glass of champagne and checked in.

She took a sip of the champagne, but didn’t want it, so I drank it. No sense in letting mediocre champagne go to waste!

Her room was right next to the boys. The bell boy accompanied us to her room, but when he realized we had already checked in, and that I was giving her the tour, he just pulled her bag and opened the door. I gave him a tip, which he tried to refuse! I guess he felt like he hadn’t earned it. I insisted he take it though. (He’d done more than some of the people I’d encountered over the years expecting a tip).

She really liked the idea of the snacks in the refrigerator. Her room had two double beds. It was just like the boy’s room. It was dinner time, so she got ready and we got ready and the boys got ready.

It felt A LOT better having all my little ducks together. Things had to improve now. Right?


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