Should we stay – or should we go Grand?

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I sat there, staring at the Grand cups, belonging to the couple in front of us. I shifted around in my lounger. The hard plastic was digging into to me in unmentionable places. I missed my Lounge Chair desperately. I asked the couple if they had been to the Grand. They said they had been to the one in the Dominican Republic. He said, “They know how to do it. Your try not to compare…”

“But you can’t help it,” I replied.

So, it wasn’t just me.

I had been warned. I had been told by another Grand fan who had been to ERC not to compare. I had told myself I wouldn’t.

I had lied to myself. I was comparing and ERC wasn’t measuring up.

Ok, what to do? If we wanted to switch I would either have to call my travel agent (the awesome Tami from Trip Surfer) or go talk to the Funjet rep. Tami was going to be leaving for her own Mexican vacation in the next day or two and I knew she didn’t need whiny me calling her and saying, switch my resort. If we switched, it would probably need to be done today. Susie was arriving the next day and I didn’t think it wise to switch resorts on the day she arrived. If the information didn’t get communicated in time, she would end up being taken to the wrong resort and she had little enough time here as it was.

I tried to get a grip and think about whether things were bad enough to switch, because it would probably cost a few pesos to change hotels now that we had arrived. That was the thing. It wasn’t BAD. It just wasn’t as good. In every category, it wasn’t as good. It’s hard to go from the best AI in the world (as rated by Trip Advisor last year) to a pretty decent AI with a less than decent beach, mediocre food and tortuous lounge chairs..

In the end, we stayed. When Susie was with us and we were talking about the hotel compared to the Grand I asked her if she would be upset if we moved to the Grand after she left and she said, yes, she would.

So, we stayed.

Zung and I got hungry and headed off to find some lunch. We chose the Grill, which is right next to the Lobster House, right off the beach. They had fajitas, but didn’t include shrimp as one of the choices. Zung asked the waiter if they could make shrimp fajitas and they accommodated him. I ordered the ribs. They were tender and didn’t have any BBQ sauce, but rather, had some tangy green stuff sprinkled on top. They were tasty.

We ordered our standard lunch drinks. A Havana and Coke for me and a Victoria’s for Zung (he has graduated from Corona’s).

There was a little buffet for salads and apps and dessert. It was a decent lunch.

We returned to the beach when we were done. The boys were there. Nicholas was reading.

A beach waiter came by a few times. The first day service seemed rather slow, but it was better when the weather was better and I have no complaints about the beach service. It was frequent enough for me and they would bring drinks and food. Today I ordered the drink of the day. I can’t remember what it was called. It was pretty.

But it tasted awful. Waaaay too sweet. I didn’t finish it and when he came around again I asked for a Havana and Coke.

The weather stayed cloudy. The sun kind of peeked through at one point. Sort of.

We were all trying hard to like the place we were at. Like the song, if you’re not with the one you love, love the one you’re with.  We were doing our best.


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