Rainy Day # 1 – a Poor Excuse for a Lounge Chair and a Sign

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It was still raining after breakfast.

No problem. We would check out the stores. There was a jewelry store and anybody that has read my blog knows how much I love jewelry. The jewelry store is in the lobby building, downstairs, right across from the theater. It had a decent selection and they were having a BIG sale, 50% off and another 30% off that…of their HUGELY inflated prices. I’ve been in enough Mexican jewelry stores to know that the prices would be high even with the “discounts.”

That’s okay. I didn’t want to be unfaithful to the dude who sells jewelry to me at the Grand anyway.

We moved on to the resort store where they have the usual things, souvenirs, clothing, toiletries. That was it. Upstairs there was another store, but I never made it into that one. It was another resort type store.

Okay, that took about 10 minutes. Now what?

We went to the lobby with a book for Zung and my iPad for me. My iPad had my book on it. I was reading Elin Hildebrand’s new novel, Silver Girl. It’s about a woman whose husband gets convicted of a huge Ponzi scheme – kind of like Bernie Madoff. I am a huge Elin Hildebrand fan and it was a decent story. Barefoot and The Island are my all time favorites though. I read The Island last summer and it was soooo good that I had trouble finding a book I liked afterwards. I started many and finished few.

First we stopped at the Martini Bar and I got a Bellini. It was in a pretty glass.

There is WIFI in the lobby, so I got on Trip Advisor and made a post and surfed for a while. A waitress came by and took drink orders and Zung got a Pina Colada. It was also served in a pretty glass.

The lobby of ERC is a nice place to hang out. But I got bored quickly. I decided to do something I NEVER do on a Mexican vacation.


We joined Lifetime Fitness in February and it gave me an enthusiasm about working out that I haven’t had in years. I have started working out 5-7x/week most weeks. Not exercising is one of my vacation rules. But rules are made to be broken. Or updated.

I went and put on my work out clothes. While I was in the room I decided the smell was not going away and was driving me nuts. I called the lobby and asked for an air freshener. I didn’t want to ask for a new room because I wanted our rooms to be together and I didn’t want to pack everything up and have to unpack again. If I did that, I was moving to another hotel – the Grand. And I was still not ready to do that.

I found the gym, which is behind the theatre. It’s small but adequate. I did the elliptical for 30 minutes. There were also a couple treadmills and there might have been a bike and there were weight machines. There were TV’s and water. It was humid because of the rain, but it was air-conditioned. It is a perfectly adequate resort work out facility.

It eventually stopped raining long enough for us to sit on the beach for a few hours. It was cloudy and crazy humid. There are two sections of beach chairs. There are comfortable looking, padded chairs in the area that is reserved for Excellence Club (which is an upgrade, so more money) and there is the area for the rest of us. That area had some beds with mattresses, but they were very saggy and the wicker was broken on a lot of them. This picture was taken later in the week.

Excellence should be embarrassed to have these on their beach. They look pathetic. The plastic loungers lay flatter than the ones at most resorts, but were still horribly uncomfortable. Horribly. Lounge chair (at the Grand) had no reason to worry about my affections straying.

I sat there in my horribly uncomfortable lounge chair, staring at an ocean, that while pretty, is not the spectacular turquoise seen at Playa Paraiso and Playa del Carmen. The sand is powdery soft. Probably the nicest sand I’ve ever seen in Mexico. But it is riddled with sea grass. They try to clean it up, but it just goes from bad to not as bad. They use a Zamboni like machine that is huge and noisy. A guy nearby called it a sandboni, which I thought was pretty funny.

I was not in the best of moods. I was unimpressed with the food. I was unimpressed with the ocean and beach. I was unimpressed with our room. I was missing the Grand in the worst way. Then I noticed the people in the chairs in front of us. They had the insulated coffee mugs the Grand gives out. I thought it was a sign.

(The mugs are behind the wine).

Was it a sign? Should we switch?



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  1. Your rainy trip reminds me of my rainy trip to the Grand in 2008. It even made me hate on the Grand a little bit, because you have nothing better to do than sit around and analyze things. We were there for seven days, and I think I saw the sun for about two hours. The rest was rain, rain, and more rain. Nothing is more miserable than a beach vacation, without the beach. :- /

    1. Actually, ther is something worse than a rainy beach vacation. A beach vacation spent at the hospital (for my husband who hadnthe heart attack) and taking taxis back and forth to hospital (me and the kids) is worse. I like to say my bar is set pretty high for considering a vacation truly bad. Fortunatey most people haven’t had that experience. And even when inwas experiencing it I knew, it could be worse.

  2. You’re absolutely right. I forgot about that. That experience changed the way I view trip insurance, actually. If seven days of rain on a beach vacation is the worst experience I ever have, I should consider myself lucky.

    BTW, I’m reading Elin Hilderbrand’s Beach Club right now, lol. I just got through reading The Island, and Barefoot was the first book of hers that I’ve read. I’m saving Emily Giffin’s last book for my trip in November. Her books are good beach reads too.

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