The Martini Bar (Lobby Bar)- my first cucumber mojito

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The boys went back to their room and would join us at the lobby bar, called the Martini Bar. It is a square, four-sided bar at the bottom of the grand staircase. There are a few (maybe 3 or 4) seating areas around the bar and a piano. We took a seat at the bar.

It was time to train a new bartender. However, there were several bartenders around the bar. This might be more difficult that I thought. Joel (pronounced Yo-el) came up to us and asked us what we wanted. I asked him if he knew how to make a cucumber mojito and he said no, and asked me if I knew how. If I knew how, I could tell him how and he’d make it. Fair enough. They had sliced cucumbers and I took him through the steps. I was pleased with the outcome. He said, “Next time, I’ll remember.”

Cucumber Mojito by Joel.

The bar was crowded and we chatted with a young couple from Minneapolis or Minnesota or one of those M places. They were liking ERC and gave Chez Isabelle a good review but a thumbs down to the Grill.

Eventually, the boys came back and since it was so crowded we went outside to the Cafe Kafe bar. It sits right by the lobby and theatre. It’s another square bar. Zung and I ordered some water and the boys ordered more Cervesas. There were citronella candles burning to keep the mosquitos away and they had an overpowering smell.

We were very pleasantly surprised by a fire show. I’ve always wanted to see a fire show and it was very good. I tried to take pictures, but, it was dark, so you just see fire.

We all really enjoyed it. Zung and I headed back to our room after the fire show. We could hear them saying they were going to have romantic dancing at the theatre and they were asking how long people had been married. A couple came up that was 30 years. We wanted to go back and say, “Yea? Well, we are 32 years!” But we didn’t.

We went back to our room, where there had been no turn down service and since it smelled funny I burned the incense by the tub. It helped for a little while.

Our first day was kind of a mixed bag. The food was not good at all, but the resort looked beautiful. The room smelled funny, but Joel had made a decent cucumber mojito. There had been a very nice welcome in our room with the towel sculpture, champagne and fruit bowl. We all missed Susie. Maybe tomorrow would be better.

Or not.


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  1. Make sure you tell us about the lunch options too. Did you ever find out the source of the smell in your room. We had a room in Vegas one time that had an odd odor. It turned out to be vomit that the hotel had repeated tried to clean out of the carpet to no avail.

    1. I will definitely describe the lunches. It was probably the best meal I ate. No, I never could figure out the smell. I should have asked for a different room but I didn’t want to repack and unpack again and I was afraid we would end up far apart from the kids.

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