First Dinner – the Lobster House

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We unpacked and then got ready for dinner. We were excited by a whole resort full of new dining options! Since Susie would only be with us a few days and she is the pickiest eater, I had reserved a few that we would eat at when she was with us. We had lots of other options to choose from. There are eight dinner restaurants. Toscana, the Italian, Chez Isabelle, the French/Gourmet, Basmati, the Indian (this one gets seriously good reviews), Spice, the Asian, the Lobster House, Agave, the Mexican and the Grill, and Organo, the outdoor pizza/pasta place.

At Excellence resorts they do not require reservations. You just show up and if they don’t have a table, they give you a beeper and you wait. Most people wait at the bar. We prefer the reservation system. But when in Rome, well, it’s not like we had a choice.

We chose the Lobster House. We all like lobster.

Big mistake. It kind of set the tone for the rest of the trip. Maybe if we had eaten somewhere else we would have had a better first impression. And you know what they say about first impressions.

The Grill and the Lobster House are by the pool and right off the beach and are outdoor. There was a nice ocean breeze and it was pleasant. The hostess seated us and put our napkins in our laps. This was something that they did at Royal Hideaway and one of the little things that made a big impression on me. I know, it’s a silly thing, but, what can I say? I’m a silly girl impressed by silly things.

Our waiter, Ceasar, came by and we would learn they have two people working the tables at dinner. There is your waiter and the busboy. They say they are working together, but some places we saw more of the waiter and at the Lobster House we saw more of the bus boy. We ordered drinks. Zung and I ordered the “included” wine. For red, there was a choice between a Merlot and Cabernet. We chose the Merlot. They bring it by the glass. At the Grand they bring you a bottle. Always.

It was drinkable. Barely.

The boys got Cervesas.

Zung and I got the Seafood Cocktail. It was pretty awful. It was a generous portion of shrimp, scallops and thick, red, sweet, goopy sauce. I couldn’t even finish mine.

We all chose the lobster for our main course. What else do you get at the Lobster House? They give you a choice of grilled, pan-fried or steamed and a choice of sauces. It was a half of a small lobster tail and it was not very good at all. Mine was mushy. The sauce was bland. Nicholas and Zung were less than impressed. Only Patrick was happy with his. 25% success rate on our first dinner was not awesome.

There is a choice of side orders. We also tried to order the potatoes but they had none. The “pilaf rice” resembled plain white rice, but I have to admit, it wasn’t appetizing looking enough for me to even try.

For dessert I ordered the cobbler. It was plum and something else. It was a little individual cobbler. It was cold and not very good. Not even worth a picture.

The word that came to mind to describe our dinner was cafeteria food. The service was good, but not memorable. Nicholas commented that even at the Iberostar Maya they know how to bring everything together to make you feel like you are having an awesome experience. And the Grand, we won’t even go there, because we hadn’t. And we were starting to be sorry.


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