The Lobby and Room

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The lobby is large. The concierge desks are there, but I don’t really know what they do. They have three desks to the left of the front door. There is a gift shop and business center with 7 computers. They have drinks (coffee, tea, water) in the business center. There are a couple of desks where the resort photographers are based. You will see their work later in this report. There is a table that is an example for the beach dinners. There are many comfortable sofas and some had large wooden chess sets. It is a nice place to hang out if you need to. We would need to. But I’m getting ahead of myself (as I tend to do in these reports).

I exchanged some money and the bell boy took us to our room. We were in building 6, 3rd floor. I had requested our rooms be close together, on the top floor and with a king bed for Zung and I and two doubles for the boys. We were given everything we asked for. The bell boy gave us a tour as he took us to our room.

You go down a glass elevator and walk by the Martini bar (which I guess would be considered the lobby bar) and then you go outside. The elevator was working that day, but was out-of-order the rest of the week. I don’t know how the bell boys get the luggage down when it’s not working. There is a grand staircase also, but we had 5 bags and I can’t imagine they carry down every bag, so there must have been another elevator somewhere.

After you leave the lobby building you walk through the outdoor, covered theatre, which is very large. There is a bar in the theatre and to the left a plaza type area with another bar, Kafe Cafe. That is where the self serve ice cream is.

The decor is grass covered everything, the buildings and the covered walkways. We appreciated this covered walkways because there was a lot of rain.

There is a meandering network of pools all over the whole resort, part of which is a lazy river.

This picture shows the spa, which is in the center of the resort.

There were lots of these statues around the theatre and lobby bar area.

It was a nice environment and I would definitely give it an “A” and feel like it is on the same level as the Grand, but it is different. It will definitely appeal to the people who like to go to a resort in Mexico and feel like it is “Mexican”.
We arrived to our rooms. We were in 6303 and the boys were 2 doors down in 6305 and when Susie arrived she was in 6306.

Hallway to our rooms.

Our door had an anniversary banner. These were all over the place, anniversary, honeymoon and one odd one that started out as an anniversary banner and then was covered with a Just Married banner. I don’t know what the difference is between honeymoon and just married and I didn’t understand why they didn’t take down the anniversary banner before putting up the just married. Zung liked the banners. I found them a little cheesy.

Our room had a beautiful swan towel and rose petal sculpture, a bottle of champagne in water (it was probably ice at one point) and a fruit bowl.

It also had a funky smell. I wouldn’t describe it as musty. I’ve heard musty smells are common in Mexico. We must be lucky that in 16 trips we’ve not had smell problems before. This was more of a sour smell. The boys rooms did not have it. There was incense by the very large jacuzzi, which was between the room and the bathroom area. There was a toilet room and a shower room. The shower was huge, complete with a shelf for ladies to shave their legs. They have hooks for robes and a shelf where they stock towels. It was the best shower I’ve ever had in Mexico.

There is a water closet, two sinks and the most complete toiletries I’ve ever received anywhere. In addition to the standard shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shower gel, soap, etc., there was a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and shaving and cream, and comb.

There was a mini bar with beer, water and soda, coffee and tea and snacks. The snack selection was impressive: potato chips, oreos, M&M’s and a Snickers bar. This is a toss up with the Grand, which does not have the sweets, only chips and nuts. But, the Grand has mini liquor bottles in the fridge and they will bring full bottles upon request.

We did the Ceremonial Removal of the Watch.

Now I was on vacation!


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