Excellence Riviera Cancun – Good enough but not Grand

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Spoiler :There was not going to be a good tan to be had from this vacation.
Travel went smoothly. Usually we hire a car, a limo or SUV, to go to the airport. Neither my car, nor Zung’s can accommodate the five of us AND our luggage and after parking and tolls for two cars, a hired car is not that expensive. Susie would not be joining us until Friday, so we drove ourselves to the airport. I have a Nissan Altima. Zung has a BMW with a roll cage and the back seat is in a corner in our garage. We took the Altima. Folding down part of the back seat accommodated the four of us and our five bags. Barely.
We parked and miraculously, a shuttle came soon after. The driver was cheerful and helped us with our bags. We ignored the “no need to tip” sign. We checked in at the Frontier counter. We always appreciate Zung’s Ascent status with Frontier, which allows us to go in a special, no real line to speak of, line. The regular people line was a beast.
Passports checked, bags checked, boarding passes received. Security was next. Again, Zung’s Ascent status allowed us all to line jump. With that down, we headed to Chef Jimmy’s for breakfast. I have made it a pre-vacation tradition to order a Sunrise Mimosa, signaling the official beginning of vacation.

After breakfast we bought magazines and water and headed for our gate. We did not think we were cutting it close, but they were already boarding.

My favorite Frontier flight attendant, Dave was working. That’s always the sign of a good flight. Dave is, in a word, awesome. He takes excellent care of us.

We told Dave that Susie would be traveling alone in a couple of days and he promised to look out or her.

When I made these flight reservations originally, the five of us were traveling together. But when Susie couldn’t get the whole week off from work we had to re-book her flight. With our flight rearrangements, Patrick ended up in the middle of the row. Zung, Nicholas and I were next to each other. A couple boarded and asked Patrick if he would sit in the window seat so they could sit next to each other. He was good with that.

We landed about 10 min early.  Our elation with a shorter flight was quickly dampened by a freakin’ long immigration line. It was in fact, the longest line we’ve ever been through. It took an hour. The good side of that is, when there is a long immigration line, your bags are waiting for you at Baggage. As were ours. For the first time, there was a dude checking baggage tags. We had ours, so we were good to proceed to a long, but fast-moving, Customs line.

Once outside we registered the overcast weather. Weather is what it is, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It was way too late for any kind of beach time when we arrived at the hotel, and hopefully, tomorrow would be better.

Our Cancun Valet ride was waiting for us and we were on the 307 in no time. Twenty minutes later we were at the gates of Excellence Riviera Cancun. Once the gate dude confirmed we were hotel guests, he opened the gates and our van proceeded to the entrance. We were greeted by the bell boy, whose name escapes me, and given cool, damp wash cloths. He took our bags and took us inside. There is a table by the front door with champagne and some green drink. He asked if we wanted champagne and poured us all a glass.

He took us to the check-in counter. The check-in chica did her job, between answering phone calls. She was efficient, but not very friendly or welcoming. Note the ultra serious look on her face.

We were favorably impressed with our initial impression and feeling optimistic.


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