Rainy Reflections

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We arrived on Wednesday to overcast skies and a long immigration line. Thursday morning brought rain. There are covered walkways from the rooms to the theatre and lobby. There is a large covered outdoor theatre where a lot of people spent their time. There are chairs and table and the activity team had board games. The lobby is a comfortable area to hang out, with lots of sofas and several wooden chess sets. We hung out in the lobby. There was a brief period when the rain stopped and although cloudy, we could sit on the beach. Friday had some sun but then the rain started again. Saturday started out promising with the sun out, but it was short lived. We tried to stay on the beach, but it was very windy and started to rain. The rain got really hard and stayed that way for hours. I have never seen it rain so hard for so long. Even with the covered walkways, everything was wet and slippery. All the rain makes it very, very humid as well.
Today is starting out sunny. Fingers crossed that the weather will finally change.

Overall, it’s a good set up for rain. Impressions so far are that if you’ve never been to the Grand, you would be happy with ERC. We’ve been to the Grand and do miss it.

More to come.


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  1. We also arrived in Cancun on Wednesday to the longest lines at immigration we’ve ever seen! We were in the airport for THREE HOURS before we leaving for our resort!! Do you know what the hangup was?

    (Also, not to brag (but sorta to brag ), We spent the rainy week at the beautiful Iberostar Grand!! Just got home yesterday! Trip report coming soon! Hope you enjoyed erc!


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