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We reluctantly went back to our room.

We finished packing and weighed our bags. My bag had been 2# over the 50# limit coming down. However, the nice Frontier check-in lady didn’t give me any grief about it. The bell boy came to get our bags and we headed off to Las Brisa for one last lunch. We enjoyed one last Kobe burger, and one (or two) Havana rum and cokes.

Vicente was our waiter and had been the day before also. He remembered our drink preferences. When he asked if I wanted a second, I worked up the nerve to say, “Mas fuertes” (more strong). I had been dying to say that the entire trip. When he brought it, I said, “Now don’t bring me any more.”

Our burgers were delicious, as had been each Kobe burger we’d had.

I saw a woman who had shorts and a bikini top on. I felt a little miffed because the day before I had come in with a sarong tied around my waist and she wouldn’t seat us until I “covered up.” I didn’t mind until I saw that rule not being enforced for everyone.

I would have to say, the Grand is very lax about enforcing any kind of dress code. I saw a woman in jeans and t-shirt at the Italian and a guy wearing shorts at another restaurant. I know it’s vacation, but I think you can look nice without exerting yourself and jeans and t-shirts can look nice, but these would not fall under that category. I give the point to the Royal Hideaway because they do a great job of enforcing the dress code.

If you get to spend the day in your bathing suit, it’s not gonna kill you to put on decent clothes for dinner.

You can call me a snob, but my motto is, “Life is a big event. Dress for it.”

Lunch done, it was time for the sad walk to the lobby.

We arrived at the lobby, checked out and our ride to the airport was waiting for us. Cancun Valet is always prompt. Even when I don’t want them to be.

Our vacation was essentially over. Would we return to the Grand? You all know the answer to that. We would return many times.

After 4 times to the Grand in 2 1/2 years, we would return to the Royal Hideaway in November 2009. I stumbled upon a great deal and I had often thought about going back. Unfortunately, the Royal Hideaway did not live up to my memories. While we had a lovely trip, the service was just not the same as what had wowed me our previous trips. We returned to the Grand last summer and it is my favorite place on earth.

We leave in 2 weeks for Excellence Riviera Cancun. Check back and see if I have to change the name of my blog after that trip!


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