Going Home Day – Part 1

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Our going home day was overcast. The sun never came out. As if to say, it was just too sad that we were leaving. It made it a little easier to leave. We’d had fabulous weather all week. I couldn’t possibly complain about a few clouds the day we left. We had breakfast at Bella Vista. Zung had been completely happy with his omelets all week. I, however, missed Ventana’s at Royal Hideaway. The ambiance is quieter and more intimate. It is smaller and never terribly busy. The staff can’t do enough for you. There was one day that I got up and went to the lobby and when I came back, the hostess and the waiter both literally rushed to pull out my chair for me. The service, the ambiance and the food all make it a lovely place to have breakfast. I would have to say overall we had been happy with the Grand though.

We packed and then headed out to the pool. We got the “good” seats that faced the ocean. We ordered drinks. We took pictures.

We took a walk over to the Lindo, just so we would know our way around when we returned with our kids in 5 weeks for our family vacation. (I know, tough life, 2 vacations in 6 weeks). The Lindo is a totally different vibe. There are people all over the place. And many of them are short, shrieking people (aka “kids”). I turned to Zung as we walked by the pool and said, “Oh my god!” We walked as far as the lobby and then hurried back to the calm and peacefulness of the Grand. I had just given myself a dose of anxiety for the next five weeks about our family vacation. But, that vacation is for another trip report.

Back at the Grand, Zung made me get in the pool. (I complained it was too cold.)

We sat in the hot tub. They have several hot tubs of varying temperatures. If you want a cool one, they have one and if you want a warmer one, they have that too.

One of the Star Friends came by, recruiting for some activity. We told him we were leaving and he asked when. I told him we really should be heading to our room right now. He said he hoped we would come back soon. We told him we were coming back to the Lindo in 5 weeks with our kids. He asked how old they were and we said 15, 18 & 21. He told us if the 15-year-old looked old, they don’t ask for ID. I can’t really say I liked hearing that. We had in fact seen a teenager at the swim-up bar. If he was 18, it was by minutes. Maybe they look young because I’m getting so old.

There were only a few things left to do. I think I can squeeze another post out of it though!

Soon enough I will be blogging about our adventures at Excellence Riviera Cancun. 17 days to go!



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