Final Full Day

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This was our last full day of vacation and we wanted to spend it doing a whole lot of nothing! We started by ordering room service.  I ordered the American breakfast again. It includes waffles if you want. I asked for just one egg and two waffles. They brought two eggs and four waffles! We asked for only one plate of fruit this time.

We really enjoyed eating breakfast on our balcony.

With the task of breakfast accomplished, we headed off to the beach. We went for another walk down to Maroma beach and played for a while in the beautiful water there. When we got back to our beach, we went to Las Brisa for lunch. This was one of those days when several people took our drink order and we weren’t sure if we were going to get anything. We did though, and then some!

Zung ordered a Corona. I took a taste and confirmed that it is just as disgusting as any other beer I have ever tasted. The lime they serve with it did not help the taste at all. I felt pretty confident that I didn’t need to try any more ever again.

I ordered a Havana rum and coke. I was almost done with it when one of the waiters walked by and I saw him look at me. Within minutes he was putting another in front of me, and then very shortly after that our other waiter brought me another one. I had two drinks in front of me! It was so thoughtful and attentive, I didn’t want to be rude, so I drank them both! I wasn’t sure they had any rum in them. I had Zung taste one to check.  He assured me they did, and I was sure three rum and cokes in about 45” would make me “relaxed.” I didn’t feel buzzed, but I did go back to my chair on the beach and almost immediately fall asleep.

This trip was winding down. We still had our last vacation dinner to look forward to.



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