Back to Venecia for dinner

Tonight, we went back to the Italian – Venecia – for dinner. We had Karim again for our waiter. He was so awesome. It was really busy, but he was cheerful, friendly and efficient. We left him an extra big tip.

I had the Carpaccio for an app. I didn’t like it. It was thin slices of raw beef. I had been thinking it was cured. But raw meat is raw meat, no matter how thinly sliced. I like my meat rare, but not that rare. Zung got the Calimari again. We shared an order of the shrimp risotto, which was delicious. I had the sea bass that he had raved about the other night we were here. It was excellent.  After several heavy and rich dinners it was a nice, light change. Zung got the snapper which he said was good, but not as good as the sea bass.

For dessert, I got the Tiramisu. It was different from any Tiramisu I had ever had before and it was ohhhh, so good. Unfortunately, they don’t make it like that anymore.

Zung asked for Mayan coffee and Karim made it table-side. Usually it has whipped cream or ice cream with it, but Karim didn’t put any on. Zung said it was still really good.

There was the guy playing the flute again. Zung went up and told him how much we had enjoyed his music and gave him a tip. They don’t have him there anymore. Must be an area they decided to cut back on.

We really enjoyed our dinner. When we were done we went back to our room. We had one full day of vacation left, we wanted to be well rested for it.

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