The Beginning of a Long Friendship

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At lunch, I decided to try a Corona. I haven’t had a beer in about 30 years. (Yea, you do the math, not quite legal) Zung and I both ordered Corona’s. The waiter brought them, poured them, got a funny look on his face and said, “It’s not cold.” I felt the glass and agreed, “No, it’s not.”

He looked at me and said, “It needs to be cold, doesn’t it?”

That would be a “yes”. I was thinking beer was probably still disgusting and warm beer, probably extra disgusting.

For some reason, none of the Corona’s were cold. Zung got another kind of beer. It was ice-cold. I took a sip and decided I had not been missing anything  for the last 30 years. Please bring me a Havana and coke.

Steven, from the night before, at the Japanese restaurant, came over to say hi, and tell Zung his fingers were sore from using the chopsticks.

After lunch we did, well, what we did every day. Beach, drinks, pool, drinks, naps, drinks. I don’t know if the drinks were weak or living at altitude is a curse, but, I could not drink enough to get even a mild buzz. Believe me, I was trying!

We were sitting on the beach and this guy comes up to us. He was another Grand guest and he asks us, “Were you by any chance at the Riu Palace Mexico last August?” In fact, we were. They had been there at the same time. What are the chances of that? Two different hotels, two different times of year, two different couples. Wow! While we have never managed to be there at the same time again, we have kept in touch with Janelle and Steve.t couples.  Steve told us he wished they had a buffet for dinner. They now have it on certain nights. You can also go to the other hotels buffets. It just a golf cart ride away.

We had one more dinner to go. We returned to our favorite.


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  1. We feel so honored to be mentioned in your blog:) It was quite a coincidence! I’m glad we have kept in touch and it is bringing back a lot of memories of our first time at the Grand. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have a reunion one of these days!

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