Our next vacation and dinner at the Japanese

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I have finally completed the booking of our next Marvelous Mexican Adventure. I bought the airfare over a month ago (stumbled on an awesome deal that was actually a mistake, but Frontier, being the awesome airline that it is, honored the posted rates and we saved about $1000 – at the time – but changes were needed before it was all over).

Where to stay? Where to stay? Of course, our preference was the Grand. But for the 5 of us, it was out of our budget. I considered the Maya, with the hope of an upgrade. However, my upgrade track record with the Iberostar is really not so good. Since my kids are all “adults” now, I decided I wanted an adults only place. I don’t have screaming kids, well, I usually don’t have screaming kids, and I didn’t really want to listen to anyone else’s. I didn’t want to have to sit there at dinner while a kid ran around the dining room and his parents sat there drinking wine and ignoring him. And, I wanted a beach waiter. The Maya would not fit the bill.

I’ll go back to the Maya when I have grandkids. But for this trip, I wanted a nice adults only AI.

I thought about doing non-AI (there are a lot of people who think it’s about time). But I just didn’t want to put that much effort into my vacation. I don’t ask a lot. I just want good food, great service, a comfortable beach lounger and an attentive beach waiter.

Excellence Riviera Cancun is and adults only AI in Puerto Morelos (between Iberostar Paraiso and Cancun). It was only slightly more expensive than the Maya. It gets overall good reviews. It was the leading contender.

I just couldn’t pull the trigger though.

To make things a little more complicated, Susie got a new job and was hesitant to ask for a vacation the first week she started. She eventually did, but it took her boss what seemed like forever to give her an answer. Unfortunately, he was taking his vacation the week before we had airfare for. He finally told her she could have a long weekend. Our airfare was from Wednesday to Thursday and she was getting Friday to Monday. We had to change her air, so we lost the good rate on her ticket and had to pay a change fee. Zung is an Ascent member of Frontier, so he was able to negotiate a lower change fee than normal. Still, the change cost $250, only slightly less than the ticket cost in the first place.

I emailed Tami (from Trip Surfer Travel Agency – check them out, great service AND great prices) and asked for an updated quote. She has been so patient with me. This was about the third time I had asked for a quote. I called her a couple days ago and finally booked Excellence Riviera Cancun (or ERC, as it is known).

I will write a trip report here, even though it is not an Iberostar hotel and this is an Iberostar blog. But it’s my blog and I can write anything I want. I will compare it to the Grand for the blog (to make it Iberostar related), but will try not to compare it constantly in my mind while I am there. Because, let’s face it, the Grand has no comparison.

Back to my trip report of my first Grand vacation.

We returned to the Japanese restaurant for dinner, again sitting at a Tempanyaki table. There was another couple there that was on their honeymoon. They were really cute. The third couple was celebrating their 25th anniversary. Zung taught the husband of that couple how to use chopsticks. His name was Steven. They had also previously been to Royal Hideaway.

Our waiter was named Wilmer. He did a great job. He still works there and I see him every time I go. I think he is a head waiter or something, because now he just seems to stand there watching the waitresses.

I tried, yet again, to order lobster. (I can be a slow learner). He told me there was no lobster because they were having babies. I was pretty unhappy about the lack of lobster. It was on all the menus, and you can get lobster year round. I think they just didn’t want to pay to import it when the warm water lobster wasn’t available. If it’s on the menu, I think it should be available.

I got the shrimp (and pretended they will little lobsters) and Zung got the shrimp and chicken. We got the fried rice, which is soooooooooo good. The chef put on a good show, so I tipped him.

After dinner I wanted to go to the lobby bar and show, but Zung was too tired and we called it a night.

Late night party-ers we are not.


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