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Day 5 was another beautiful day in paradise. We did get 2 or 3 rain showers while we were there. It was like the heavens would open up. They never lasted even half an hour though. Once someone told us, “If it comes in fast, it will be quick, If it comes in slow, it will stay awhile.” That has proven to be true. The covered walkways do get a bit wet, but the staff is out there like a flash, mopping up the water. I was surprised at how much maintainance and repair work was being while we were there. The place had only been open 2 months. They were staining the boardwalk that goes around the pool (which actually was hotter than the cement – ouch!), repairing and painting the roof of the covered walkway, doing something with the cement around the quiet pool and painting the outside of La Brisa.

We had breakfast at Bella Vista. We stopped by the towel hut and got our towels. It’s so nice to not have to deal with towel cards. For the newbies, a towel card looks like a room key and you give it to the attendant at the towel hut and they give you a towel. you generally get one per person at most AI’s. You can exchange your wet towel for a dry one, and this is what we would do at the end of the day so we didn’t have to deal with the cards until the last day. You have to turn in your towel card when you check out or they charge you (usually $20 per card). But at the Grand (and most high-end resorts), you can have as many towels as you want. The towel hut also has sunscreen and reading material. The website advertises a beach/pool “butler”, but I did not see anyone that would fit this description. I think they are supposed to take the cart with the reading material and sunscreen around to people, but I never saw this. This was no big deal for me, because I bring my own reading material and sunscreen.

We visited for a bit with Kim and Jeff at the pool.

For lunch we went back to our room and ordered room service. I was craving a sandwich, and this was not available at the buffet. We ordered a club sandwich and the shrimp and avocado salad. The salad was so delicious. The sandwich was good, but the salad was really yummy.

We spent time at both the pool and the beach. We were getting this relaxation thing down!


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