Zung’s Birthday – Part 1

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Zung’s 60th birthday was sunny and beautiful. Perfect! Just as I requested. We didn’t know this when we first woke up. The curtains do a thorough job of darkening the room. You have no idea what the weather is until you haul your butt out of the super comfy bed and open them.

Zung wanted to eat at the buffet (as opposed to getting room service, which would have been my vote). He wanted an omelet (I bet you are so surprised by that). I had them make some fresh french toast for me and it was pretty good.

He also had fresh fruit (healthy!) and a fresh donut (not so healthy). The fresh fruit selection is awesome. They even had fresh lychees.

After breakfast we went back to our room for the ritual slathering on of sunscreen. It looked like it would be another day at the beach/pool. Vacations like this are so grueling. The trip reports gets so repetitive. I am so grateful that people read them even though I never do anything exciting. Although, I know the real reason you keep coming back is for the shoe porn.

Yes, it looked like we would spend Zung’s birthday lazing at the beach and pool, ordering drinks (or trying to – the drink service this first time was dismal), eating food and taking naps. Then we would start all over again.

We saw Kim and Jeff as we headed toward the pool. They were going to Playa del Carmen. I wanted to tell them, “Don’t you know you’re only supposed to THINK about doing a bunch of things. Not actually DO them?”

This first trip to Iberostar Paraiso they had a free shuttle to PDC back and forth several times a day. Now they charge $4/per person/each way. If you’ve never been to PDC’s 5th Avenue (Avenida Quinta), it is worth a trip. The vendors are quite aggressive in trying to get you to come into their store. After many trips, I have learned to just smile and say, “No, gracias” and keep walking, unless I want to go into that particular store. They will also have a special deal, “just for you.”

There is lots of silver jewelry and I have bought several pieces over the years. I get tons of compliments on all the necklaces I have bought and I have only bought one bracelet (for my son, Patrick) that was not really silver (it was ceramic coated in silver and it broke).

Back to my trip report, we found comfy chairs with a canopy over them by the far end of the activity pool. It looked out towards the ocean.

A waitress came by right away for drink orders. (I think that was the only time we saw her all day).

The day was off to a good start.


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