Exploring the Shopping Center and Dinner at L’Atelier

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Happy Mother’s Day 2011! I had a lovely day with my three wonderful children. We had breakfast at a casual, favorite restaurant, which is close to the Fancy, Schmancy Cherry Creek Mall, home to Colorado’s only Neiman Marcus and the Nordstrom’s that has the best shoe selection in Colorado. They were calling out to me as we ate breakfast. Shoes are like jewelry in that respect. If they talk to you, you better listen. So, I did.

We spent some time at Nordstrom and there were a couple of pair that I put on hold while I went to check out NM. I wasn’t planning on buying an obscenely expensive pair of shoes today. I really wasn’t. But these shoes spoke to me. They whispered sweet nothings in my ear. They were seductive.

Try me on. You know you want to. You’ve been looking for a pair like me for years. Nothing before me has been quite right. But now we have met and we must never be separated. Take me home. You won’t regret it.

Red patent leather high heels with a pointy toe. I’ve been looking for them for so long. Christian Louboutin — I’ve wanted a pair for years. Two birds with one stone.

I had no business buying a pair of shoes like this (this $$$). We’ve had some major unexpected expenses recently. But, let’s face it, buying shoes like this is never a rationale decision.

I LOVE them. They will bring so much pleasure for many years. How many things can you say that about?

Okay, back to the trip report!

Kim had made me feel like we should do a bit of exploring. When we were done lazing around the pool and beach, we returned to our room and got ready for dinner, but planned to go check out the shopping center first.

We gave ourselves about two hours until dinner. Yea, that was way too long.

Our butler gave us a ride over and told us to call from any store when we needed a ride back.

The shopping center (sometimes referred to as the commercial center) has several jewelry stores, some clothing stores, a tequileria that was closed (with a “be back in 10 minutes” sign), and a pharmacy. There are several food places that are part of the all-inclusive. There is a creperie/ice cream place, a taco place, a tapas place and a hamburger place. I’ve heard the hamburger place is open at night, including after the disco closes. The taco place and creperie are open during the day and in the evening. I don’t know if the tapas place is ever open.

We stopped in the creperie. It got really busy right after we went in. There was only one girl working in there and she had to make the crepes and scoop the ice cream, both.

There is a merry-go-round. The sign said it operates for one hour in the evening and is only for kids under 11.

I don’t even think we were over there an hour, from the time we left our room until we arrived back at the lobby. All that shopping made us thirsty. We went to the lobby bar and had a drink.

Still almost an hour until dinner. We wandered around a bit.

There was the requisite all-inclusive resort chess board.

There are water features by Venecia. One side has black swans and the other has white swans.

After we had wondered around, sat by the tranquility pool where Zung took a nap, gone back to the room and called the kids, enough time had passed that we could finally go to dinner. Our reservations were at L’Atelier.

There was a lobster appetizer on the menu and we were pleasantly surprised when we both ordered it and were not told there was “no lobster”.

Zung had the filet mignon and I had the duck. Both were excellent. The serving sizes were just right. I have trouble understanding complaints about the servings being too small. But, that’s just me.

Zung got the pears for dessert. I can’t remember if I got dessert. Zung got the Mayan coffee and said it was really good. We had a great waiter, but I can’t remember his name.

Then it was back to our room. Zung had requested a new pillow because the down was too soft for him. He asked for the “anatomic”, which is a firm pillow. It was fine for him for the rest of the trip.

Tomorrow is Zung’s 60th birthday!


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