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We ordered room service for breakfast. They have this very cool button on the phone that connects you directly to room service when you push it. It apparently works 24 hours a day. I need to get one of those at home!

The Grand gets the point for room service for their fairly extensive room service menu. RH has only one option for breakfast and that is only a continental breakfast.  Zung ordered an omelet (he has no sense of breakfast adventure). I ordered the “American breakfast” – fried eggs with a slice of the non-melting cheddar cheese and some kind of red sauce on top, with bacon on the side. I love my vacation bacon. I had tea and Zung had coffee and the American breakfast came with juice. I asked for orange and they sent a whole liter. We also ordered a plate of fresh fruit. Whenever we ordered room service they would say it would arrive in 30 minutes, but sometimes it took as much as 45 minutes. The presentation was very nice. They would wheel in a table with a white tablecloth and a flower. They sent two plates of the fresh fruit and they were huge. We could only eat one. There was also a basket of yummy breads. Overall I preferred this breakfast to the buffet.

And the view couldn’t be beat.

After breakfast we headed out to find a place to park ourselves. I wanted to try the pool today, but Zung wanted to start out at the beach. However, I knew there wouldn’t be any good places to lay if we waited. I was right, but it ended up not mattering because when we got there, we just stayed IN the pool.

Off we went to the beach and found a palapa. Over all my visits to the Grand over the last four years it has been apparent that the main pool is the most popular spot and therefore the hardest to find chairs. The beach and tranquility pool don’t get as much traffic, so it is not as hard to find chairs. I have always been able to find chairs at the beach, even during times of high occupancy. We generally go out about 9 am.

We took a walk down to Maroma beach. It took about 20-30 minutes. We saw all kinds of interesting things. The beach itself is pretty trashed. One area had a pile of shoes. It was the oddest sight.

This pelican was holding court.

We cam upon an area where there were two spots, very close together (maybe 8-10″) where the water was bubbling up and was very cold. Then we came to the area Zung had told me about where the water was clear and the sand was really soft.

We went out into the water for a while and then headed back to the Grand.
We came across this blue, jellyfish-looking this.

Once back at the Grand, we went to Las Brisa for lunch. Zung tried to order lobster, which was on the ala carte menu. He was told, “No lobster.” They did bring him out a plate of grilled shrimp that were HUGE! (and “delicious” he said).

I made a salad because I was starting to feel deprived. They have a great salad area. The dressings are not marked though and most looked kind of heavy and thick, so I stuck with basic oil and vinegar.

We had agreed we would go to the pool after lunch. I was looking for a chairs or a bed that had a canopy over it for the shade. I heard someone call out my name. I had been on the lookout for a couple that I knew would be there the same time, Kim and Jeff. She recognized me first. Good thing, cause they didn’t look anything like she had described or what her picture in her avatar looked at the time.

She told me she’d been looking for me the day before at the pool and when she couldn’t find me she started to wonder if I really was a 46-year-old mother of three, or just one of those internet weirdos who make up identities.

They made Zung and I feel like slugs. They arrived the day before and had already walked over to the Lindo, gone in the lazy river and over to the shopping center. They were off to get massages. Zung and I had, uhhh, gone to the beach.

Kim and I chatted in the pool before she went for her massage. Zung stayed in the pool for about 2 minutes and then returned to the beach. I stayed in the pool for a little while. I had brought my very cool float with me.

Hmmm, what am I doing with two drinks? I must have been holding Zung’s while he took the picture. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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  1. Andrea,
    You have a great web page. I have followed your trip reports over the years and they are always very entertaining. You and Doris have the best trip reports. The pictures really add alot to the story. My wife and I have been to Mexico quite a few times but never to one of the Iberostars, hopefully someday.
    Thanks for the great trip reports,

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