Bonding with a new beach

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We settled our pale skin bodies on the really comfortable chairs. Big point for the Grand. I have nicknamed the standard loungers the “torture-lounger” because of how uncomfortable it is. This is what they have at RH. But the Grand had these nice mesh loungers that laid all the way flat if you wanted. The mesh was all new and tight and I was a happy girl.

I laid in the sun, as I always do, for a while. I can’t come home from a vacation in Mexico without a tan. I know it’s bad for me. I don’t do it any other time. Frankly, the sun is going to have to battle it out with the alcohol for which one is gonna do me in first. Lack of sunshine causes depression, and that’s no good either. Alcohol, it’s good for your heart, I hear.

Zung cares squat about a tan and he stays in the shade.

The ocean is pretty, but not as pretty as RH. The blues were blue-er and the turquoises were turquoisey-er.

Yea, I don’t think that’s a word either.

The other advantage of RH beach-wise is that you can jump out of your lounger when you get too hot and jog a few feet and then you’re in the water. You have to walk a bit at the Grand because of the amount of rocks that are in the water. Big, you don’t want to mess with me, rocks. We were in front of Building 71, which is more rocky than #70. I didn’t realize if I walked to the right, I would find a beautiful area of ocean to cool off in. I thought I had to hike waaaaay down by the Maya, to the left of Building #70. Too long a hike for me. The point went to RH for the ocean.

Zung and I did walk down to the Lindo/Maya to go into the water at one point. The water was nice, but, but, but — WHERE DID ALL THESE KIDS COME FROM?! OMG!

There is definitely a lot more activity in front of the other hotels. There is also that gasoline smell from the jet skis and boats.

After a while, Zung asked me, what time should we eat lunch? I reminded him, we are on vacation. We eat when we are hungry. When we got hungry, we went to Bella Vista (where we’d had breakfast). But it was not open for lunch and we were directed to Las Brisa, the buffet right off the beach with to die for views of the ocean.

Las Brisa has a buffet and also an ala carte menu. There are Kobe beef hamburgers on the ala carte menu. We ordered two, with cheese. I wondered if they would be “all that”.  It was, and more. One word about the cheese though, it was like Kraft sliced American cheese, but it doesn’t melt. It gets soft, but it doesn’t melt like it does in the US. I don’t think I want to know why.

We had Havana and cokes. Quite possibly, my favorite adult beverage. Honestly, I am never sure if it is because the rum is so damn good, or there is that “drinking something that is illegal in the US” element.

Desserts were one or two bites of sweetness and deliciousness. Just the perfect size. The selection changed daily.

We went back to the beach and red and napped and relaxed. Nothing relaxes me like a Mexico vacation (as long as there are no trips to the hospital involved).

In the afternoon, Zung took a run down to Maroma beach. He likes to run on the beach. Don’t ask me why. He just does. As I have stated before, I would run, but my drink spills when I try.

He said it was beautiful down at Maroma, and we needed to take a walk down there one day.

We liked being right in front of the building where our room was. It was just a quick walk and elevator ride if we forgot something in the room or to use the bathroom.

When we were done with laying on the beach, we returned to that room. The maid had cleaned it. It looked the way you expect it to look after the maid has been through. There have been trips where the maid has had serious organization impulses. But this maid left our stuff where it was. We left a tip for both the regular maid and the turn down maid.  (Having a maid clean my room, bathroom and make my bed is another thing I love about being on vacation, because I don’t have that at home).

It had been a fabulous first full day. We still had dinner to look forward to. And the view. Have I mentioned the view?


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