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The next pair of “special” shoes were purchased about 7 months later. Zung was talking to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia about a job and me getting a pair of Manolo Blahniks was part of the deal. The negotiations were still ongoing, but I decided to “just look” when we were walking through Nordstrom’s.

They were having a sale on their designer shoes! I called Zung, who was in another part of the mall and said, “Come quick.” I tried on Manolo’s but ended up buying a pair of Christian Dior’s. The only thing better than a pair of designer shoes is a pair of designer shoes at a great sale price.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of them. I’ll try to take one and post it before I finish this “theme”.

The next pair was bought right before Zung headed off to Philadelphia to start the job there. It was right after he’d had the heart attack. Neiman’s was having a Manolo Blahnik trunk show and they only had one of these shoes in my size. I had to imagine what it would be like to have them both on. I remember when I told, “Max”, my salesman I would take them, he asked if I wanted anything else. I said, no, just those. But I thought to myself, do people really come in and buy more than one pair at a time? I am so not of the ridiculously rich frame of mind. To me,  buying shoes like that is a really special thing. Each time is like an event.  They were the “new job” shoes.

Sometimes I refer to them as my “wicked-witch” shoes. (I try not to take myself to seriously).

I remember telling one of my internet friends that I had bought them and she said I deserved them after going through the heart attack trip. As I was telling Zung this, I told him that I had told her, “Oh, no. That’s a whole ‘nother pair of shoes!” The expression on his face was priceless. I was kidding.

Sort of.

The next pair of shoes were my Fabulous Fendis. I bought these in New York City at Saks Fifth Avenue. I was visiting Zung in Philadelphia and went to spend the day with Karen in NYC.  As mentioned in previous posts, Karen and I’d had sabbatical with our friendship. We’d had lunch with our husbands on New Year’s Eve in Denver, which was the first time I’d seen her in over 23 years. This was the next time I saw her. She said she’s come to Philly, but I said, no — I wanted to go shopping in New York. Denver is pretty pathetic when it comes to shoes (although it has gotten better since Nordstrom opened the year before). New York has some shoes. It is a shoe lovers paradise.

She took me to Saks and we were there for hours. We looked at everything and then we looked again, picking up shoes to try as we went. Then I tried them all on. It came down to the Fendi’s and some Ferragamo flats. I tried to entertain the idea of buying both, but knew that was absurd. Flats vs four-inch heels. Really, it was no contest. Let’s be honest. I wear shoes like that to have them noticed. And these shoes, THEY get noticed.

That picture was my avatar for a long time. It was taken in the Lobby Bar of the Grand. When I bought the shoes my credit card got denied because of a fraud alert. They got suspicious that it was being used in Denver (I had automatic charges that went on it) and Philadelphia and New York, all within a couple of days. I called them and got it cleared up, but it was a little embarrassing.

I tried to use the same card the other day to register for an online professional conference and it was denied and within five seconds my phone rang with my credit card company calling to ask about the charges. Although it was embarrassing when it happened in Saks it’s reassuring to know they are so on top of things.

I’ll save the rest of my shoe stories for my next post.




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  1. We are back from Paraiso and an upgrade to the Lindo. A great time was had by all. I even made it a point to search out your secret love – Lounge Chair. He looked particularly distraught and depressed without you. I would upload his photo but it wouldn’t be a pretty sight. You better hurry back to him before he does something drastic.
    I continue to enjoy reading your blog even though the topics aren’t really my cup of tea. Shopping and shoes aren’t really my thing. Afterall I am a guy. What really makes women’s shoes interesting for me is the woman wearing them.
    Keep up the good work.

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