Reflections on Conspicuous Consumption – and others assumptions

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I received this comment today.

“Love the trip reports great advice and great pictures we also love the grand..

We also are lucky to have a couple of bucks in the bank but close ups of a rolex, bmw mentions expensive shoe o.c.d and other ventures into selfindulgence let it all down a touch but hey some need to show some just know…”

I took this the way I think it was intended, as a rap on the knuckles. I generally don’t post snarky comments. It is my blog after all. (In reality, I have only gotten one other snarky comment and I think that was from a stalker who was jealous of my shoes – LOL).

But I decided to address this one because I think people often make erroneous assumptions about people’s lives when they are getting, basically, a few snapshots of that life.

I’m not going to pretend like we are struggling or don’t have good incomes. Nobody would believe it and it’s not true. However, we also are not rolling in buckets of money and we work hard for the money we do have. No trust funds for us : (

I do have lots of shoes, and most of them were bought on clearance at DSW. Zung does drive a BMW, and he races it. An expensive hobby to be sure. (It’s really more of a passion for him). I also clean my own house and clip coupons. Nothing gives me more pleasure than scoring a super-bargain.

However, the one item mentioned in the comment may look like an extravagance, but in reality is not at all. The Rolex. (I have never mentioned it, but apparently you can see it in at least one picture I’ve posted and the commenter saw. It belongs to Zung. He has had it for 29 years. I bought it for him when he graduated with his PhD. I graduated that same day with my nursing degree. We also had a boatload of student loans. I’m pretty sure we would have qualified as struggling students.

How did I, as a struggling student afford a Rolex? I worked as a nurses aide on the weekends and put the Rolex on lay-away and paid a little at a time on it. It took many months to pay it off. It was the cheapest Rolex they made at the time, but it was bought with love and pride. When I gave it to him, I told him we would trade it in for a nicer one when we had more money. He said he would never trade it in because he knew how hard I had worked to get it for him and how hard he had worked to get his PhD and it would always represent that to him.

Try to remember when you read my blog, or anyone else’s blog or trip report or comment on a forum, just because you know a few things about someone doesn’t mean you know everything and you really shouldn’t make assumptions about them.

Now, we will return to our regularly scheduled blog.




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  1. I also enjoy reading your blog and reviews of the grand. Just wanted to say, for what it’s worth, I don’t feel it’s anyone’s business who you purchased what you purchase, whetherits by hard work, trust funds, or credit. You should be proud of your life, your indulgences, the joys you take in your life. Shame on anyone to make you feel the need to explain or justify your lifestyle. You Are blessed, and it seems obvious that you appreciand recognize it. Live life to the fullest and Please continue to write your wonderful, entertaining blog about it! 🙂

    1. Thanks. I appreciate your comment.

    2. Oh yuck! I just re-read my post from April 2nd and must apologize for all of the horrible typos and misspellings! The day I read your post, I was reading it on my phone waiting for my son to finish baseball practice. Normally I wait to type lengthy replies until I am back at my computer (my phone likes to “guess” what I’m wanting to type and normally guessses WRONG), but when I read your post I wanted to reply while it was on my mind. Lesson learned: either quit using my phone to email, or PROOFREAD! 🙂

      1. LOL! Same thing happens to me when I use my iPad – which is ALOT. I sometimes go back and catch ridiculous typos and think, how could I have missed that. A sentence will end up completely non-sensical. Technology – gotta love it.

  2. Andrea, when I asked you to tell us about you, I did not think anything you had to say would be boring at all. Nobody would be bored by anything you wrote even if you told us what you had for breakfast at home! You have lived a fascinating life. The last two entries in your blog are a good example of what your fans want to hear. I’m sure a lot of us have had interesting lives, I know I have. But you are such a free spirit, and we all love you.

    1. Thank you. That is so nice of you to say. I’m trying hard to keep entertaining. I hope people realize that and I don’t take myself (or my shoes) too seriously. It’s the people in our lives that are what’s really important.
      As for breakfast – I indulged today and had a raspberry jam danish made with croissant dough that must have had a pound of butter in it. It was pretty delicious. Tomorrow it will be back to my smoothie made with protein powder and my “green food” powder. Yum.

  3. Actran – Andrea – Shoe Dive,

    What next? Is somebody going to criticize your beautiful children because their own children aren’t as beautiful? Maybe they will throw barbs at your dear friend Karen because their own friend isn’t as loving or loyal. You’ve been so entertaining and gracious in sharing everything from vacation tid-bits to major life events with great tongue-in-cheek wit. I was saddened that someone made such a low-brow comment regarding your perceived social status. I want you to find the “delete” button on your keyboard and use it! Keep blogging…You Rock!

  4. Love the Rolex story. And really it’s not like you have to defend your choices. I figure folks who get “snarky” are just jealous.

  5. Never apologize and try to explain yourself to other people. You and your husband are a motivation to many couples, including me and my husband. I read your blog and really enjoy it. We are planning our first trip to IB Grand this May, after saving for nearly three years, and after your blog, it seems like it would definitely be all worth it. Thank you and I LOVE your shoes. 😉

  6. Andrea, have followed your blog since last fall before a trip to the Grand. Must say I am hooked. I check back every week or so to see what else you have to share. Thank you for sharing your impressions of the Grand. We loved it there. Also like the new site format. Hope you are well. Looking forward to reading of more adventures!

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