From Flip-flop Girl to Shoediva: a Shoevolution

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I’m between trips. Although, since I don’t have firm dates, and certainly not reservations, for my next trip, that might be an exaggeration of the facts. At any rate, I am going to diverge from my trip reporting for a post. Someone asked me to blog about myself and my family. That would be kind of boring.

However, I do seem to have quite a few admirers of my shoe collection. But the truth of it is, I wasn’t always a shoediva. There was a time in fact that I said I would never wear uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion.

I may have gotten that idea because in high school I had quite an impressive collection of those ridiculous platform shoes (hello 70’s fashion nightmares) that weighed about 5 pounds each.

I got a “sensible” attitude about shoes in college. That’s when I had that mixed up attitude about comfort and fashion. I believed fashionable shoes couldn’t be comfortable. If they weren’t comfortable, I wasn’t wearing them.

Thank god I got over that.

In college I wore running shoes. I had one pair of black pumps and white sandals with heels. It was a chunky heel, maybe 1 1/2-2 inches. I wore them for my wedding. And flip-flops. I tried a pair of Bass leather sandals, but they hurt my toes, so I returned them.

When I started nursing school, I also had a pair of white nursing shoes. That’s dating myself. Now nurses wear athletic shoes. ‘Cept for this nurse. The only time I wear athletic shoes now is when I’m exercising.

That was about it for years. One year I added white pumps. So, I had one pair each of black pumps and white pumps (they were the same model, just different colors — I think I got them from Thom McCann), white nursing shoes (which are by definition, ugly), running shoes and flip-flops.

I’m so embarrassed to admit all this.

I remember the day it all changed. I was 33 years old (it was 1994). I was with friends at an outlet mall, Castle Rock outlet mall, to be exact. One friend had a family discount to the Bass store that she let us use. I bought three pairs of shoes. The selection wasn’t that fashion forward. It was a white pair of pumps (of better quality than the pair I already had), a white pair of flats (plain, plain, plain) and those leather sandals I had returned over ten years before.

It was a big step for me. It was the beginning of my shoe obsession.

There were many, many shoes over the next fourteen years. I started developing a reputation for my fondness for shoes. And the height of my heels.

October of 2007 found us going on a trip to Vegas with our friends, Deborah and Mike. Deborah once bought me a pair of shoes that I admired when we were shopping. She likes to take me shoe shopping with her. Sometimes I have to tell her to “put that down, it’s ugly.” This could be really fun.

Zung and I were discussing my buying shoes in Vegas. He liked to tell the women he worked with about my shoe collection. One day they asked him if I had a pair of Jimmy Choos and he said he thought so. When he told me this story I aid, “What? I don’t have Jimmy Choos. Do you know how expensive they are?” He suggested that I buy some Jimmy Choos in Vegas so he did not have to go back and tell the girls he was wrong.

Well, do ya think I needed any more encouragement? I told Deborah that we were going to do some serious shoe shopping.

When we got to Vegas and started shopping I was less than excited by what I was seeing. I told Deborah I wanted shoes that would make my heart beat faster. We looked at lots of shoes. I even tried on Jimmy Choo’s.

Sad to say, nothing was even remotely comfortable there. The day ended and I hadn’t bought shoes. The next day we went to the Wynn, because I knew there was a Manolo Blahnik store was there.

We had breakfast and then dropped the guys off at the Sports Bar. Deborah and I headed to the shopping area. Now this shopping center had shoes! We eventually found ourselves in the Manolo Blahnik store. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. It’s not a large store, but they manage to very tastefully display a boatload of shoes. I picked several to try on. When I tried on “the ones”, I knew they were “the ones.” I handed over my credit card and walked out with my first $700 pair of shoes.

Did I just do that? I kept waiting to feel, shock and awe. Instead, it felt, “right.”

We went to find the guys and I told Zung, “I bought shoes!” I showed him the price tag and his eyes just about popped out of his head. LOL. The really funny moment though was when I showed Mike the price tag. He raised his eyebrows and then leaned over and whispered to Deborah, “But how much were they, REALLY?” She laughed and told him, that’s how much they really were.

I wear these shoes all the time. That first year I probably wore them once a week. I can wear them all day long at work and my feet feel fine at the end of the day. And they are red. You gotta love a red shoe.

I like to tell people, spending that much on a pair of shoes only takes your breath away the first time. Because this WAS only the first time. Each designer shoe has a story. I will tell them all.



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  1. LOVE the shoes!! I also love reading about your love of shoes as much as your trips.

    1. Thanks! (Everyone loves the shoes!)

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